Monday, June 15, 2009

Romantic June

June is the traditional month for romance and something I have a lot of are LDS romantic novels, so this next contest will feature romance. I'm not going to display the covers of all the books I'm offering for a prize to the winner of this contest, but here are a dozen titles:

Scottish Legend by Sherry Ann Miller
Makeover by Shannon Guymon
Finding Faith by Terri Ferran
The Icing on the Cake by Elodia Strain
At the Water's Edge by Annette Lyon
Promise of Spring by Kristen McKendry
Through Love's Trials by Julie Coulter Bellon
Delicious Conversation by Jennifer Stewart Griffith
Always & Forever by Candie Checketts
Unlikely Match by Beverly King
The Bishop's Bride by Elizabeth Watkins
Time and Eternity by E. M. Tippetts

I have more, so if none of these are the winner's choice, as usual you can give me a wish list and I'll do my best to send you a romance you'd really like to read.

A few years ago I taught a family history class. This wasn't a fill out the family tree chart class, but a class where participants wrote their own family history. One of the assignments I gave was to "write your own love story." We all have a love story. Some of us married the object of our heart's desire, but most of us didn't marry every person we fell in love with. I'll admit I was only six when I decided I was in love with a neighbor boy. He was my best friend and we spent every minute possible together. Once he and his family were late for the movie shown every Friday night at the church. When he finally arrived we met each other on the front steps with a big smooch, which we didn't live down for years. Our moms even made us matching outfits, me a dress and him a shirt, from chicken feed bags. (Most of my dresses were made from either chicken feed sacks or flour sacks when I was little.) When we were nine both of our families moved away, we wrote occasionally, and he surprised me a few years ago by showing up at one of my book signings.

As I grew older I experienced the usual crushes and two serious loves, but it was while I was attending college that I asked a friend to date one of my roommates. Months later he asked me to return the favor and go out with his cousin who had returned early from his mission with a serious illness. The cousin had healed and my friend decided it was time to get him back in the dating game. So you might say, I met my husband on a blind date. Four months passed between that first date and our second, but on that second date we both realized the relationship was one we wanted to pursue. Six months later we were married.

So now let's hear a love story by you, a romantic proposal, a wedding disaster, or any story of love and romance you experienced.


Amy Btw M said...

My proposal was pretty cute. My hubby and I had the day off (President's Day) so we went out and did various things. For each fun thing he gave me a little plastic ring. He had planned to hike up the canyon somewhere, but there was still too much snow. So we were eating lunch in the car and I turned to him and he had a ring box. I said, "That better not be a plastic ring," he laughed because it turned out to be a plastic ring. Then he pulled out the real ring. The only thing that could have been better was...well, he pulled the ring in the car, and my mouth was full of taco salad. Oh well, he got points for the cute idea anyway.

Actually our anniversary was this past Sunday. We got engaged on President's Day and married on Flag Day. So as long as we see a flag in our yard, we'll never forget our anniversary. It was also a special date, because his grandparents had the same wedding date.

Marcia Mickelson said...

My husband and I had been dating for a year with a tiny break in between. We had just started dating again were going to watch a a minor league baseball game in Salt Lake (The Buzz).

He was acting a little weird, and I wondered if he was going to break up with me again. A bunch of friends came with us and they were all acting a little weird too.

During the 7th inning stretch, the baseball announcer said: "Marcia Argueta, Nolan Mickelson wants to know if you will marry him" and the words were up on the jumbo screen.

I was really surprised, not expecting it at all. His friends even knew about it! I was very happy. After all, he was absolutely not breaking up with me. I said, "of course!" and was so happy! Next month, we celebrate our 15th anniversary! Maybe we should go to a baseball game.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

I met this man at a singles conference. He asked me out and I really enjoyed his company, but on our second date he said, "I don't think we can ever be anything more than friends. I think the age difference is to great for it to work." That was 9 1/2 years ago. We celebrated our 9th anniversary in December and are looking forward to our tenth. The twelve year age difference keeps things interesting but my husband is my best friend and more.

AzGirl in TX said...

Hmmm how to pick just one story out of the many I could tell you...
Well, on the subject of proposals...

He carried the ring everywhere with him for at least a week. I kept seeing him playing with something, and I'd see a little flash of light bounce off it, but when he noticed I was looking at him, it would always disappear. - And I had no clue - so one night he showed up at my parent's house after I got off work and asked me to go somewhere with him, which was only unusual because normally he would say "let's go ___" and we were off. Anyway, I went back to my room, probably to get my purse. When I walked back out he suddenly swiped something out of my mom's hand and rushed me out the door. By now I'm thinking good heavens why is he acting so strange? So we drove around eventually coming to this gorgeous park he had been scouting around to find was still great even though it was already dark outside and not all of the street lights were working... we got out to go for a walk, and ended up sitting by a really old, gnarly and beautiful tree and he started playing with something flashy... again. But this time I noticed quick and tried to get it out of his hand, but he told me to close my eyes. I closed my eyes and something slipped onto my ring finger and I thought, "Oh my heck" then he said look at it. Well, I'm stubborn sometimes and I refused to look at it so he tried to take it back but I wouldn't let him and asked if he wanted to say anythig to me... so he asked me, I said yes, and THEN I looked at the ring. After all, I really wanted him and the ring could come second. Doesn't mean I don't love it, cause I do... but I just didn't want to say yes after I'd seen it... ;^)