Saturday, February 27, 2016


I'm not sure how February passed so quickly. I composed dozens of blogs in my head during the past month, but none of them made their way to my computer. Perhaps because they were mostly on my discouragement over the sorry cast of candidates vying for President of this country. Let's see, what I've learned from those deplorable televised debates. We have for candidates a notorious liar, a socialist, a couple with god complexes, a Bolshevik Revolutionary wannabe, a few johnny one-notes, a horde of two-year-olds, a few hypocrites, a couple who suffer from stage fright and moderators who know even less about debating than the candidates, or else they're playing the drama card. Since when is the winner of a debate the one who shouts the loudest? Since when do we choose a president by who is the most dramatic debater? Some real background, policy, views, and plans for the future would be nice. It would also be nice if we could wipe the slate clean and just start over.

Okay, onto another annoyance. I just read (well, I haven't finished it and I'm not sure if I will) a book riddled with misused words. The writer uses "souls" when referring to the bottoms of his shoes, then waste for waist, convenient for convenience, passed for past, and do for due. I just hope the book is one of those review copies sent out to reviewers ahead of the final edit. Some publishers make clear whether a copy sent to a reviewer is an advance copy or the final product; others don't. The author of this book also uses so much jargon/foreign language, it's difficult to make sense of what is happening. 

Then there's taxes. It has taken me all month to get my taxes ready to turn over to my accountant. I keep good records which may be my problem. I keep everything! Wading through it and eliminating duplicate documentation is time consuming.
There have been some fun highlights too, which consumed time (and sometimes money), but were more enjoyable than politics, taxes, or poorly written books. Our microwave oven died and since our other appliances were twenty years old, we decided to replace them all so they would match. Two weeks were occupied in shopping and installation, but it's fun to have new appliances. Our five-year-old granddaughter thinks the best part is playing with the box the new dishwasher came in.

We attended a family wedding---another positive. The bride and groom looked happy and the wedding and reception were lovely, but the bride's young nephew and niece almost stole the show.


Ah-h a box of books just arrived in today's mail! As you know, I read a lot since I review LDS fiction for Meridian Magazine (My latest review column) This past week I also read my daughter Janice Sperry's middle grade reader manuscript which she will soon submit to a publisher and which I loved. I also agreed to two book signings- Celebrating Sisterhood- Seagull Book and Ladies' Night-Deseret Book. Details later. I'll be signing By the River and Three Little Words. Of course if anyone wants me to, I'll sign any of my other books as well whether you buy them that day or bring them from home.