Saturday, April 16, 2016

It's Spring Again

Yikes! It's cold outside. A year ago today I posted a spring series of pictures with all of my early flowers covered in snow. I thought I'd try for better pictures this year, but most of my flowers and blossoms look a bit bedraggled from the storms we've had the past few days. I should have taken pictures early in the week. But here goes:

The bleeding hearts are just beginning to bloom.

The phlox are doing great. 


The birdhouse has no occupants, but my granddaughter keeps checking.


More phlox and a few tulips. 

My gardens have acquired a few new creatures this year. The horse was a Christmas present from my youngest granddaughter. My son gave me the rattlesnake for my birthday. And my husband picked out the owl with a little help from another granddaughter in hopes it might scare away some of the huge flock of pesky doves that hang around our neighborhood, cooing and pooping on the swing.


Ah-h spring. I love flowers and can hardly wait for warmer days so I can dig out the grass and weeds that have crept in and plant summer flowers. I didn't take any pictures of my husband's garden. Not much is showing there yet since he plants vegetables, but how I love new potatoes and veggies straight from the garden. Can you tell I've had enough winter for this year?