Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Contest Info

It's my turn to blog on the V-formation. Responses there will count toward the current win-a-book contest here. In fact from now on comments on my blogs at the V-Formation will always count toward the contest here. Over there I posted a picture of my father and his brother working in one of the big wheat fields on their Canadian homestead.

Recently I received duplicate copies of All the Stars in Heaven Michele Paige Holmes's new book which has just been released. I’m adding my duplicate copy to the prizes for this contest because this book also has important things to say about a father/daughter relationship, though in this case the example isn't always what it should be . However, the book is exceptionally good and you can read my review of it next week on Meridian. Until then let’s hear about your fathers--here and there.


Marcia Mickelson said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on your father at V formation. I, too, am blessed with an amazing father. He left his home country of Guatemala at an early age to come here to the U.S. to find a better life for his family. All his life, he's sacrificed to make a good life for his wife and two daughters. Now, he's a wonderful grandfather whose life centers on his grandchildren. He loves to change diapers and feed babies. He's always thinking of his grandkids. Thanks for this opportunity to share a little about my father.

Mindi said...

This is a book I am anxious to read! As for fathers, I had a complicated one with me father growing up and it wasn't always very good. We get along much better now, though, and he was there for me, no questions asked, when I needed him to be. What more could I have asked for? I really appreciated that from him.

Michele Holmes said...

Thanks, Jennie. You can give away one of my books anytime! And I'm so glad you enjoyed the story.
As for dads . . . I've been blessed with three of them, though I didn't always see that as a blessing. I have my biological father, who I didn't know about or meet until I was fifteen, the father who raised me, and who I am sealed to and who continues to be my only extended family connection to the gospel, and my step-father, who my mother married when I was sixteen. He's mentioned in the acknowledgments of this book. All three men have influenced my life greatly, and I'm a better person for my association with each of them.

AzGirl in TX said...

What can I say about my Dad... he is absolutely amazing. He has always done what he had to do to support our family, take excellent care of his church callings and all without any form of complaint even when it put him in situations where I think he should have said something ;^) Like on all the nights he got home late from work and didn't have time to eat dinner after he got cleaned up, because he needed to leave again.
Even now that we're all grown-up and married if he knows that we are in need of something we can not do/take care of ourselves, or we need help doing something he will help out in any way he can -like helping my husband work on our cars when there wasn't anyone else around who could help him.
He is a great example.

Heidi said...

I love my father. I know we don't always get along, but he would do anything for me. I love working beside my father. He has taught me so much about the meaning and responsability of working hard. He is the best example to me and I really appreciate what he does for me.

Randy and Lisa said...

I'm looking forward to read this book. I enjoy reading about Father/Daughter relationships, and how each one is different. I have been privileged to have a biological father, who help give me life and gave me a wonderful extended family, even if he decided to walk away when I was 5; an adopted dad, who married my mom when I was 10 and adopted me and my younger brother, when I was 16. He is the the dad I claim and want to be sealed to one day. Hopefully, he will become active and the sealing to him and my mom can be done while they are both living. If not, then I will have the work done after his death. I am also privileged to have one more dad, my father-in-law. He calls me his favorite daughter-in-law, nevermind that I'm his only one, and is always so kind. Right now I have the opportunity to serve him, due to some medical conditions which has caused him to need permanant dialysis. I have been driving him up to dialysis a few times each week.
While I don't always see eye to eye with my dad or father-in-law, I love and respect them both. Thanks for providing the opportunity for me to share my feelings.