Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Melanie Goldmund is the winner of the romance vs fantasy contest. Michele, I know you live out of the US, is there a local address I can mail your book choice to? And which one would you like?

This is going to be a short blog to announce the first half of July contest. My younger sister is critically ill with acute leukemia and my youngest daughter has pneumonia. Needless to say, I'm not getting much written on my work-in-progress novel or on this blog. Therefore, I'm offering the flip side of the blog I wrote on romance and fantasy. The prize will be any of the books previously offered, but not chosen by winners, or one of the following fantasy novels: Hunting Gideon by Jessica Draper, Leven Thumps, by Obert Skye, The Choosing by David A. Cook, or the Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull.

And since July is America's birthday and I have deep feelings for this country and for those who made our freedom possible as well as for those who strive to keep America free today, I'm also offering L.C. Lewis's Free Men and Dreamers, Vol. one, an historical novel set in revolutionary time.

To enter (1)continue the last theme of discussing either romance or fantasy or (2) tell me what America means to you.


Britt said...

Good luck with everything! Hopefully people are feeling better and doctors are doing all they can!!

I like fantasy, though I don't read as much of it as I used to, really.
As for romance... if there's not enough other stuff going on it the book, I get really bored. I agree that there are similarities in terms of escapism, but while fantasy usually involves a bit of romance and all sorts of action, adventure and magic... some romances just have-- romance. And it gets old.
There are books I love, though, that a lot of people call romances that I call other things... :D (Historical fiction mostly, probably.)

Jennie said...

I agree with you, Britt. I think of my Historical Bracelet series as historical romance, but most people consider it just historical. Though I like romance, I don't enjoy those that are straight romance with no history, mystery, suspense, fantasy, social problem, or whatever too.

Randy and Lisa said...

Hope your daughter recovers quickly and the drs are doing all they can for your sister. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
America is more than just a place to me. It is a living entity, and idea, a promise, and sacrifice throughout the ages.
America is the WWII vet feebly rising to his feet when the flag is presented. It is the child gathering up the candy at the parade. America is the congregation worshipping in the church of their choice each Sunday. The teenager girls attending Girls State each summer to learn about the governing process reflect America. America is a heaven inspired country, which has been and should continue to be a friend, helper, and an example to all the countries on the face of the earth. It is tears, joy, sorrow, death, sacrifice, laughter, fireworks, prayer, and above all else a land of eternal promise.

Stephanie said...

America means a great deal to me. September 11, 2001 was my 13th birthday. Ever since people will get me flags, pictures of the Twin towers, patriotic clothing, or just wrap my gift in patriotic wrapping. At first I was really annoyed, yes a tragedy occurred but it's my birthday. Just cuz someone is born on halloween doesn't mean you give them a pumpkin. One day in the car, about 6 months after the tragic event of 911, I made a comment to my mom about how I was sick of flags and yellow ribbons and so fourth. She turned to me and said My Dad loved the flag, he fought for that flag and everytime he saw one it always reminded him of what fellow soilders died fighting for. I never met my mom's dad, he died of cancer, caused by fighting in WWII, when my mom was 15, but reading his journal and hearing about him has drawn me closer to him. I always felt a connection to my grandfather and have always felt a need to live up to his expectations. So when my mom said that it made me think about the United States of America. Through the years I have grown a strong respect for our forefathers and the united States constitution. I dread that scripture that say the constitution will hang by a thread. But that day draws closer and closer. America is my Country.

Gamila said...

I'm thinking positive thoughts your way in regards to your family situation.

I read both Fantasy and Romance. I probably bash/look down more on romance than fantasy. A lot of it is, in fact, trashy. It can be spiritualy and emotionally unhealthy. So, I really avoid it on the national level. That said I like how you catagorized it into three types of stories, and I must admit I do love a good, clean, love story, that has honest and well-rounded characters. That is why I loved Counting Stars by Michele Paige Holmes. I think she writes a good love story. I usually require some other plot line supporting the romance or it becomes way too...annoying. I also hate picking up a romance novel and knowing who is going to fall in love with who from the first page because of tried and true cliches. I like suspense. That's an aspect I really like about E.M. Tippet's Debut novel. There was some suspense as to who the female protaganist was going to end up with in the end. Seriously, in real life no one knows who they are going to end up with about 90% of the time. So, I really can't stand destined to be together/love at first sight stories really well.
That said, I'm kind of burned out on the farm boy gets called on an epic quest story-line, and I'm getting really tired of all the normal kid discovers new magical world along the lines of Harry Potter and Fablehaven too. I've gotten into fairy-tale retellings,recently. Espeically, since a lot of good ones have come out in the last few years. So, you know each genre has it's pitfalls, and cliches.

Elizabeth said...

I hope that your daughter and sister start feeling better and I will keep them in my prayers.

I am picky about what I read. I like to read certain genre's and unless something is recommended I pretty much stick to those. I don't really enjoy romance without any other theme or action. I enjoy historical fiction, mystery/suspense, and westerns the most.