Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Do Readers think?

Members of LDStorymakers, publishing staffs, writers, reviewers, and book store people are currently in the process of choosing which books to receive Whitney awards for 2012.  The Whitney awards are sort of the Academy Awards of the LDS publishing world.  I'm one of those people referred to as the Whitney Academy, or in other words, a judge.  I'm even a nominee in one category.  However, I find myself wondering which books the buying public and library users would choose to award if they were the ones doing the choosing.  In a sense readers are the true judges since they vote with their hard earned dollars.  Over the next few weeks I'm going to post the final nominees in each category and ask for readers opinions on the nominees.  If you've read them all in the listed category, please sort them in the order of your preference.  If you've only read one or two or however many, just say whether you think each is award worthy or rate it one to five with one being the best. 

Okay, here's the first category:  General Fiction by an LDS Author

Before I Say Goodbye by Rachel Ann Nunes
Evolution of Thomas Hall by Keith Merrill
Gifted by Karey White
The Walk: Miles To Go by Richard Paul Evans
The Wedding Letters by Jason F. Wright

Responses will have no bearing on how I vote, but will count as entries in my giveaway contest with two copies of my new book The Heirs of Southbridge to be awarded as prizes.


Elizabeth said...

I have only read a couple of these; that being said I really liked Before I Say Goodbye by Rachel Ann Nunes, and Gifted by Karey White so probably 1 & 2 on those and then 3 would be The Wedding Letters by Jason F. Wright. I think the other 2 sound good and now that I know about them will put them on my to read list. :D

Karlene said...

I read all of them. There are two I really liked, one I sort of liked, and two I didn't like much at all. But I don't think I'm going to say which is which.

Megan said...

I only read Miles to Go and Wedding Letters, and I liked both, Miles to Go probably more. I really want to read Before I say goodbye. I haven't heard of the other two, but I sure am going to look them up too! :)

Debbie said...

I really liked, "Before I Say Goodbye". It was a great story. I haven't read the other ones, so Rachel Anne Nunes's book gets all my votes in this catagory.

Sara said...

I've only read one of them, but I didn't like it. I found it more depressing than fun and uplifting and an escape from reality (which is why I read), so I don't know how to rank them. I am interested in reading Before I say Goodbye though :)