Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Contest Ends; Something Different for March

Congratulations to Mindi and Lori, February Wish List winners.  Contact me with your address and wish list before March 8. 

This month's contest will be sheer self-indulgence and promotion of my new book, The Heirs of Southbridge.  You can read the first chapter here.   Or if you just want to read the back-liner blurb,  here it is:   

When tragedy strikes Southbridge plantation, young Clayton and his brother, Travis, are forced from the only home they've ever known. Fleeing the drunken rage of their grandfather, with bounty hunters and horse thieves thick on their trail, the boys and their father try to eke out a lonely life as fugitives and cowboys. As Clayton nears adulthood, his greatest desire is for a strong and stable family, but his father's death and his brother's departure leave him more alone than ever. Seeking for roots, Clayton visits Southbridge en route to college and kneels on his mother's grave, only to be accosted by a gun-wielding girl named Lucy, whose father will stop at nothing to make the plantation his own. Can Clayton realize his deepest desires of marrying the woman he loves, having a family, and reclaiming the plantation that is his rightful heritage? 

Everyone who comments on any of my blog posts here, on V-Formation, or my Meridian reviews during the month of March will get his/her name in the drawing.  If you don't want to make a comment, but would still like to be in the drawing, send me a note with your name and email addy to jhansen22 at msn dot com. You can get your name entered as well by commenting about Heirs of Southbridge or any of my books on a social site like facebook or in person to a friend or family member, or even by mentioning my book on a blog or review site, but you must come back to this page and tell me what you said, including when, where, or provide a link.  Of course I'd love for everyone to buy a copy of my book, but purchasing a book has no bearing on this contest.  Anyone over 18 can enter.  I'll give away two copies of The Heirs of Southbridge through a drawing consisting of names of those who enter this contest.  The contest will be open all through March and will end at midnight, March 31.  I'll announce the winners on April 2 and they will have one week to contact me with their mailing addresses. 


taylorfamily83316 said...

Jennie~ I have a blog and write about different things, books, situations I find myself in, experiences I have, and the like, and I would like to share a post that I wrote that mentions you, so I have included my blog address. Thanks!

Sara said...

Here's hoping I win :)

Anonymous said...

Why is it that you have to be 18 or older to be entered in the contest?

Jennie said...

Leah, it makes no difference to me, but some guidelines have recently been released suggesting give-a-way contest can be in trouble if minors are allowed to compete without parental permission. If you're under 18 get your mom to enter for you; I love my teen readers.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ok. Thanks for clarifying that.