Monday, July 12, 2010


We had a blast at the May Ranch last week. For those of you who don't know, the May Reunion Ranch is a great place for families to hold reunuions in Idaho along the scenic Salmon River. It was also the setting for the cabin and snowmobile scene in my last book, Shudder. The ranch can accomodate groups of more than 200 or a couple can just enjoy an overnight bed and breakfast experience. All kinds of groups can be accomodated and prices are reasonable. There are rooms in the ranch house, complete with private bathrooms, both the loft bedrooms and the cabins have access to a large well-organized (and private) bathhouse, there's a huge bunkhouse where a good sized group can stay, then there are huge areas for campers and tents. There are also fire pits, a huge dining hall with two kitchen areas, and a walk-in refrigerator. We stopped in Arco at the Pickle Place for lunch on the way back and the kids discovered a fun rocking chair.

We had a ball fishing and even the little kids caught some good-sized Rainbow trout. We went rafting on the river. The water is high this year and we had a few wild minutes, but it was great. There's a 200 feet water slide that was a constant major attraction for the kids. We saw lots of deer including a couple of fawns, herons, geese, ducks, and in a meadow across from our bedroom there was a big tree with an eagle nest in it. It was fun watching the huge babies learning to fly.

We started out watching the little town of Clayton's Fourth of July parade.

This is one of my grandsons on the waterslide.

We spent one day visiting ghost towns, a gold dredge, and the kids panned for gold with the help of a ranger at the old mining town of Custer. They each found a speck or two of gold. We were too busy to take pictures during our river float!

There are more pictures, better ones too, on our family blog


Jennie said...
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Kelsi Rose said...

I like the big green chair. It reminds me of a big Orange chair tha they use to have infront of the Knot House in Mesa.