Thursday, July 29, 2010

A few things

First let me say how much I've enjoyed the comments given on pioneers. Some of those comments would make wonderful blogs in their own right. Thank you, you've added to my appreciation for all kinds of pioneers.

Second, my sister has been moved from the Bone Marrow transplant unit to an acute rehabilitation center. It's not a nursing home and only has nine patients who are given intense physical therapy to help them regain mobility after a debilitating illness. Her transplant is going well and she's gone through one serious HVG (host versus graft) setback and is extremely weak. This is a big step for her and essential to regaining mobility.

I've been writing reviews of LDS novels for Meridian Magaine, an online LDS magazine for many years. This month the magazine has changed it's format and I think it has become better than ever. Instead of reviewing a whole bunch of books once a month, I now review one novel each week (Thursdays), but an archive is attached to my column so that readers can go back and read previous reviews and it is easier to follow a particular writer or topic. The magazine is bolder, brighter, has room for comments, etc. Take a look and tell me what you think

The July contest ends Saturday. Remember each comment is a chance to win and each person who becomes a follower also has a chance to win. Anyone who comments on each blog during the contest period and is a follower could have a lot of chances.

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Kristie said...

Yeah for your sister getting better! I hope it continues everyday, until this trial becomes a memory.
Good luck!