Friday, April 30, 2010

Announcement Time

The winner of the last contest never claimed her prize so I drew two winners today. They are Rebecca Talley and M. Gray. Please contact me at bhansen22 at msn dot com to claim your prize. Please give me a list of five or more LDS novels on your wish list (preferrably ones I have reviewed on Meridian in the past few years) and I will send one of the books to you. Occasionally every book on a winner's list have already been claimed; in that case I'll ask for a second list. Please include your mailing address and something in your subject line that will identify you as a winner or refer to my blog.

The May A contest begins tomorrow. Same rules, same prizes.

There was a time when I wrote a weekly editorial for the newspaper that employed me. Sometimes it became difficult to find a topic to write on. I was always grateful for the Town Council because their meetings always gave me fresh subject matter. I've been blogging now for almost two years and again I've reached that "what can I write?" point. I'd rather not review books in my blog on a regular basis because so many bloggers do that and I review LDS fiction for Meridian Magazine. There are also enough bloggers interviewing other writers. So I'm turning to readers. In the comment section suggest topics you'd like me to discuss. All reasonable suggestions will be worth an entry in the contest for the first half of May and if I use your suggestion, you'll be a guaranteed winner. This (or these) winners will be in addition to the winner of the drawing.


Elizabeth Morgan said...

How about something you enjoy about writing and what makes you want to write your books.

Janice said...

You've lived in a lot of different places and had some interesting jobs. Do you use your past for reference in your writing?

Britt said...

Maybe you've talked about this before and I missed it, but do you outline your plots ahead of time? Or do you just start writing and see where it goes?

Anonymous said...

the future is full of possibilities. do you ever write about what you think will happen to you in your future?

prashant said...

You've lived in a lot of different places and had some interesting jobs
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