Saturday, May 8, 2010

Writing Update

I promised to keep you posted on my WIP (work in progress). It's currently at 43,852 words and is moving along quite well. I've written most of the first half, the last chapter, and several bits to tuck into chapters I haven't written yet. I get asked quite frequently whether I outline and I guess the answer is yes and no. I usually outline a chapter or two at a time and I start out with a major focus part of the story. Sometimes I write a lead in for something that is going to happen later, then jump to the later part and write it and set it aside for when I get there. I know, that sounds confusing, but it works for me. I have written a couple of books that I outlined completely before beginning, a few I outlined then threw out my outline a few chapters into the book, and some where I've done no outlining at all. Sometimes I begin at the beginning and tell the story straight through; other times I jump around.

The book I'm working on now is a murder mystery. The historical I submitted late last summer has hit a few snags. My publisher feels it would be better to split it into two books, so that means I have two partial historical books to work on and unless I can write a lot faster than I think I can, it's not likely either will be out this year. After some discussion, my editor and I have agreed that I should finish the mystery and get it out of the way before delving back into the history.

BRITT you asked whether I outlined. Send me your wish list of LDS books and I'll send you your prize.


Karen Jones Gowen said...

Ohh a murder mystery!! Sounds right up my alley! It also sounds like you're being very productive!

Britt said...

Awesome! Amurder mystery, answering my question and I get a prize all in the same blog post! I don't write a lot anymore, but I write future scenes and save them until I get there!

My characters aren't generally well-behaved enough to follow an outline! :)

I emailed you :)

battraws said...

I'm sorry to hear that there won't be any books out from you the rest of this year. I guess I'll just have to wait. But maybe there will be more out next year!

Jolynn_Reads said...

I love to hear the updates. This writting sounds fun & challenging too. Good Luck! Can't wait to read them.

prashant said...

Awesome! Amurder mystery, answering my question and I get a prize all in the same blog post!
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Britt said...

Spammers have reached a new low. Copied and pasted the first part of my comment and added a stupid link. :P