Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A few blogs worth reading

I spent a few minutes looking over a few of the blogs linked to mine today and found several to reccommend. First read Jeff Savage's blog on Six LDS Writers and a Frog. He has some helpful and easy to understand definitions of terms used casually in writers' circles, but found to be confusing to newcomers. By the way, I'm comfortable with both "dialog tag" and "speaker attribution", even attribution tag is okay with me.

Next check out LDSPublisher. I find the use of "different than" instead of "different from" a particularly annoying example of poor grammar in an increasing number of books I receive to review. It has become so common, many copy editors consider the terms interchangeable, but to me it's wrong and stops the story cold. One new publishing house irritates me with almost every book with this sloppy copy editing error.

Anyone interested in childrens' or young adult literature should check out Shermeree's Musings. The author is a childrens librarian for the Salt Lake City Library System and keeps readers appraised of new books, old favorites, new trends and awards given to outstanding books in youth areas.

Many LDS authors are making last minute plans and arrangements to attend the LDStorymakers conference and awards banquet this Friday and Saturday. This is an organization for LDS writers and writer wannabees. There will be classes taught, opportunities to meet with editors, and a lot of net working taking place. Unfortunately I won't be there this year. I have another committment for that day, but I'll be following closely the results of the awards presentation and sending good thoughts and doing a bit of background cheering for the presenters and finalists involved.

Please continue to send questions, make comments, or just share your Whitney thoughts. Each will count toward the present contest.


KarenG said...

thanks for the links, and have fun at the conference!

Elizabeth Morgan said...

Thanks for the blog recommendations. they sound like really good blogs.

Breanna said...

hey i loved your book "Shudder". Have you ever thought of writing a Shudder #2. I'm courious to know how Darcy and David are doing and how Claire's new life is going. But more importantlly, what happened to Blaine? Is he in jail, is he seaking revenge?
Your #1 fan,

Jennie said...

Breanna, I don't plan to write a sequel to Shudder. A lot of people would like me to, and I may write on the topic of abuse again someday, but I feel Shudder had to end the way it did because in real life women who escape abuse face a lot of unknowns. I have a friend who "disappeared" with only a phone call from another state to let me know she was alive, had changed her name, and that she would never have any contact with anyone from her old life again. I won't know until we reach the other side how her story ends.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Can you explain how the Whitney Awards started? And how long have they been running? Thanks!

Jennie said...

The Whitney Awards is the brainchild of Rob Wells and has been operating for three years, now beginning the fourth year. They came about because the writers' group LDStorymakers wanted an award program to cap their annual conference and because Rob wanted an award program that included all LDS writers, not just those who belong to that organization. He, with the backing of the group, sought public involvement, inviting the general public to nominate books they found to be of exceptional merit. Nominations from five different people are necessary for consideration. Unfortunately most nominations still come from friends and fellow writers and not enough from people who actualy buy the books or check them out of libraries. Greater reader input is wanted and it's easy to nominate. There's a nomination link on this blog and many others.

prashant said...

have fun at the conference!
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