Friday, September 18, 2009


I'll be signing books for Celebrating Sisterhood at the Redwood Seagull Book Store September 26 from ten a.m. until noon. It's doubtful my new book will be available, but please drop by and say hello. Celebrating Sisterhood is always fun!

I'll also be signing at Deseret Book's Ladies' Night in Layton on October 3 from six until eight. Hopefully my book, Shudder, will arrive by then. Layton Mall Deseret Book is a great place to be while the men are at General Priesthood meeting on conference weekend. I'd love to see any of you that can come.


Haiku Amy said...

Oh I want to come. That would be a treat. I hope I am around. I might have my child in tow.

Jennie said...

Amy, I would so love to meet you and it's perfectly fine with me for you to bring your little one.