Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Contest

Instead of offering a specific book to the winner of this contest, I'm going to add seven more books to those I've mentioned before as possible prizes for the winner. These seven books were all Whitney finalists for 2008. Again the winner won't be locked into selecting a specific book, but can give me a list of five or more books on his/her wish list and if possible I'll send one of those books. Bear in mind that I'll keep 2009 books that are likely to be Whitney contenders until after the Whitney presentation next spring.
Here are the seven:

Taking Chances by Shannon Guymon---a light-hearted romance that begins with the heroine, a light hearted, wealthy free spirit, inheriting her great grandmother's home in Alpine, Utah. Of course she moves next door to an attractive man who is mourning his fiancé's death and is the object of a little too much attention by way too many ladies.

Servant to a King by Sariah Wilson---Take one familiar Book of Mormon story and spice it up with a romance between Ammon and the daughter of a Lamanite King.

Abinidi by HB Moore---Another fictionalized account of a familiar Book of Mormon story. What if Abinadi was a young man, deeply in love, who faced King Noah's court and certain death?

Ruby by Jennie Hansen (me)---This is the story of the daughter of one of the mobbers who forced the saints from Nauvoo. Finding staying at home impossible, she sets out with her brother for the gold fields and discovers more than gold.

The Reckoning by Tanya Parker Mills---a remarkable story of a female reporter captured in Iraq and the power of the human spirit.

Fields of Home by Rachel Ann Nunes---When her son's father returns from the past and Mercedes learns they were tricked and lied to all those years ago when she thought he'd abandoned her, she faces serious questions concerning her marriage, her future, and her relationship with her son.

Keeping Keller by Tracy Winegar---at a time when a mentally handicapped child was considered an embarrassment and such children were sent to psychiatric hospitals, one couple decides to keep their child along with all of the complications he brings into their lives.

Some of you already have all of the Whitney finalists from last year, but those who missed out on any of these are welcome to select one as your prize if you win. All you need to do to be eligible to win a free book is make a comment concerning the Whitney Awards program on this blog and or become a follower to this blog. One more thing, though I have no way to check up on this, select one or more 2009 novels by LDS authors and nominate it/them for a Whitney. You can only nominate a particular book once, but you can nominate as many books as you like. Here's the nominating address: http://www.whitneyawards.com/nominations.php There's also a link on the lower right side of my blog page where you can click and nominate any time.


Terresa said...

I just found your blog. Great stuff!! Now I'm off to read more of your posts!

M. Gray said...

Are the Whitney awards chosen by voters or by a committee? I'm guessing voters since anyone can nominate... is there an LDS novelist award given by a committee?

Jennie said...

In order for a book to be eligible for a Whitney award it must receive five or more nominations from readers (self, household members, publisher, editor can't nominate)A panel of judges are appointed by the Whitney board to whittle nominees down to five in each category, then Storymakers, authors, book publishers and retailers numerically rank the finalists. Go to the Whitney site for more precise details.