Monday, August 31, 2009


Sarah and Trent are the winners of the second contest for August. Please send me your mailing address and a list of five or more LDS Fiction books you'd like to own, but don't. If I have one of them and it isn't a 2009 strong possibility for a Whitney award, that will be your prize. If none of the books you list are available, I'll ask for a second wish list. Please notify me by Friday.

The first of September contest begins now and will end at noon on September 15. Remember everyone who comments on any of my blogs between now and the fifteenth and/or is a follower on this blog is eligible for the drawing. You can comment on each blog I post and be entered more than once.

Even though many people start a new school year in August, September will always be associated with back to school in my mind. It's also a time when summer comes to an end and the rich colors of fall and a return to regular pastimes occurs. I'm not sure why, but autumn is always my internal "new year."

Every season has its good points, but early fall brings a break from intense summer heat, begins a new routine, and is filled with the most vibrant colors of the year. I think my favorite thing about fall is the food that belongs to the season. The garden is filled with new potatoes and corn, two of my favorites. And peaches! Warm peaches picked from a tree in the backyard, so juicy there's a steady stream down my arms and the faces of my grandchildren. Crisp apples, mellow pears, and fat squash. These are hard to beat. So tell me what does September or early fall mean to you?


wordfromthezoo said...

I love to go for walks in the Fall. There is beauty to behold all around and the weather is perfect. There is a certain feeling in the air as the energy of little children is returned back to the classrooms. I love the smells, sights, and tastes of Fall. Fresh picked corn on the cob. And soups! I LOVE making and eating soups in the fall! Driving through the Utah canyons and looking at all of the beautiful leaves changing colors is an extra special treat for a girl who grew up in Kansas. ~ Tara

Primarymary said...

Growing up in Massachusetts fall meant going ack to school, always the Wed after Labor Day. But it also meant that the leaves were turning colors and especially the Sugar Maples were beautiful reds & oranges. It was also the time for 1 last camping trip to Cape Cod.
In AZ it means the temperatures will drop to the high 90s and low 100s, with the promise of cold (70s) winter weather.

Haiku Amy said...

I definitely think of back to school in September. September is an exiting month. You get the fun of getting a new teacher (for my son now) and shopping for new school supplies and clothes. Summer is fun, but getting back into a routine is good. I like when the leaves on the trees start to change.

Sarah and Trent said...

Thank you so much - this is excellent news!! Honestly what I would love is for you to pick your favorite book that you have written and include an autograph. That would mean the world to me. If it's ok,I'll email Mary Jo my address and ask her to forward it to you.

Thanks so much! Sarah