Thursday, August 13, 2009


I've never been patient with excuses, but it seems I've done a lot of making excuses this summer for not posting blogs more often. Between my sister's illness and some tight, but necessary writing deadlines, I haven't found much time to blog. The death of my desktop computer hasn't helped either. My editor and I are down to the wire now finishing the edit of Shudder which is to be released October 1. This book is contemporary and part suspense, part romance, and part social issue. As soon as the cover is finalized, I'll post a picture. There's already an early sample of the cover posted on Deseret Book and on Covenant's sites. I won't say this book was fun to write because it made me relive some painful memories some special women shared with me, yet it is a book I've known for a long time that I would write. I don't yet know how many reviewers copies my publisher's marketing department will make available, but if any of my readers post reviews on your blogs and are interested in reviewing Shudder, please let me know and I'll try to get enough copies for you.

I've finished my historical/western WIP and just need to get it submitted. That has kept me busy. With a special on Gerald Lund and his new book, The Undaunted, and my regular review column to prepare this month, I've certainly been challenged. Reviews this month will include two outstanding mysteries. I can already predict Whitney judges in the mystery/suspense category are going to have a difficult time picking a winner. Not only are these two by Josi Killpack and Stephanie Black exceptional, but there have been a few other outstanding ones in this category so far this year. Please get busy and get your nominating votes in.

Now for a reminder. The current contest ends in two days. The winner will receive two books, The Route by Gale Sears and a book from my bookshelf. Submit a list of your choices and if it is available, it's yours. There are two ways to enter the contest, become a follower of my blog and/or comment on any of my blogs posted since the first of August.


AzGirl back in AZ said...

I have to agree about the Whitney awards... I haven't read too many of the current ones out/nominated in the mystery category... I haven't even found the nomination list, but I guess that part is my fault for not looking ;^)
However, I just read Lemon Tart and posted a quick review of it on my blog
and let me just say wow! I've read some very good books by LDS authors this summer, in every category!! Good luck to everyone at the Whitney Awards this year!

I also have been thinking about your previous post, and I find it interesting that sometimes when I recommend a book to someone because I think they'll like it as much as I do, I'm right and then there are times I am wrong and they couldn't even finish the book.
I made the mistake on one occasion of starting to read a book to my sister because I was having so much fun with it, but she came back later and told me it was better when I was reading it to her than when she read it for herself - it's all in the way you look at it I guess and I must've been pulling the humor out of that one big time!
I'm sure there is more to say, but it's time to get my 4 year old ready for preschool...
until next time!

AzGirl back in AZ said...

Oh AND you titled the post "Excuses" but I think in this case you have some very good reasons for not posting as much as you would have otherwaise!
Personally, I think excuses are for when you are trying to get out of something you don't want to do and then it's an excuse ;^)
And not posting because you are writing is always allowable because that's how we readers get to read your books and hopefully put copies of them on our bookshelves! I am looking forward to reading Shudder!

Haiku Amy said...

I am in the same boat, I have many excuses for not blogging. Anyway, yeah, I've recommended books to people and they in turn didn't like it as much. It is hard for me when I really love a book and hear that someone didn't love it too. That must be so much more compounded for the an author.

I would love to read your book and review it on my blog. I am a big fan.

Haiku Amy said...

Whoops, sorry about those typos; I thought I fixed it, but my keyboard doesn't like me I suppose.

Britt said...

Hmm. I don't think I've read enough recent LDS stuff to have anything to say about the Whitneys... though as soon as the list of nominees come out I'll add them all to my TBR list!!

I would absolutely love to review Shudder, though! schriftstellarin(at)hotmail(dot)com

Mindi said...

I've been pretty good with excuses myself lately! Heck, lately nothing - it's been more like two years now. Oh well. I try hard and do the best I can to remind myself that this won't last forever and soon (like next year) my life may settle back down and I will have a new "normal". I read Josi Kilpack's new book and loved it as much as the first! I'm in the middle of Stephanie Black's book and am really enjoying it as well. I can't wait to see how it ends. I'm still guessing, but I have my suspicions and I am almost always right on the bad guy. We'll see if I guess it on this one...