Saturday, August 15, 2009

and the winner is . . .

Haikuamy is the name drawn to win two prizes! Gale Sears will send her a copy of The Route and I will send her a book of her choice as soon as she sends me her address and a list of books to choose from.

As usual, the new contest begins now. Instead of announcing particular books as prizes this time, I'm going to focus on choices. Later I'll post some of my views on choices, but to begin this contest I'm just asking readers to post a list of five or six books you don't own, but would like to. They can be old or new, but must be LDS fiction. Please tell us why at least one of those books has caught your fancy.


Heidi said...

Hmmm... If I could pick 5 LDS fiction books. That's hard to decide which ones. The first I would pick is Shadow of the Crown by Jeri Gilchrist. My ancestors are danish and I love learning all I can about Demark and the people there. The other books I would pick are:

Makeover-Shannon Guymon
Icing on the Cake-Elodia Strain
Pathway Home-Michele Bell
Counting Stars-Michele Holmes.

Marcia Mickelson said...

5 books I would like to own are:
Saving Madeline by Rachel Ann Nunes
Altared State by Greg Lukke
English Trifle by Josi Ann Kilpack
Code of Honor by Betsy Brannon Green
Tribunal by Sandra Grey

I love Betsy Brannon Green's books and am anxious to see how this series ends. She was a great inspiration to me when I started writing.

Neas Nuttiness said...
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Neas Nuttiness said...

Sorry about the deleted comment - I must learn to check for typo's before hitting that orange button.

I am so glad that I found this site. I've so been wanting to find more LDS authors and blogs, and I hit the jackpot here!

If I could pick 5....the first that come to mind are:

English Trifle and Lemon Tart, by Josi Ann Kilpack. These two books have been read by just about every sister in my daughter very small ward, in Central Florida - they have all been raving about them!

Agent Bishop, by Mike McPheters - This lovely man called me (after I sent him an email about his book) to thank me for my interest!

Jane Austen Ruined My Life, by Beth Patillo - The title alone...has me delightfully intrigued!

A quiet Strength, by Janette Oak - sounds like just the book, for a relaxing read.

I'll be looking forward to finding out all about your books, and hope to get my hands on some soon.

Thanks so much.

jsig35 said...

Imagining that it's not against the rules to have read these just that we can't own them. The library is a good friend!

My first would be 'Desire of the Heart' by Sariah Wilson. I love books that give an account of what a life may have been like in BoM times. And I'm a romantic enough that this one was perfect.

The 'Out of Jerusalem' series by H.B. Moore. Yep, same reasoning.

Okay, a couple that I haven't read yet. 'Authurian Omen' by G.G. Vandagriff. I read 'Tangled Roots' It makes me curious about more books along this line. 'One Last Chance' by Jerry Borrowman. Over coming the odds often makes a great story.

Lastly, 'The Sapphire' by Jennie Hansen. The publishers tell me that the series is done and there won't be a 'Sapphire' but I feel the author will change their mind with time. Just can't leave us hanging.


Jennie said...

JSIG25, I never even started on Sapphire, but I did have Diamond partially written when I got the word that the series could only be four volumes. I finished Diamond, left out the gem, and gave the book a new title. I submitted it to my publisher as a stand alone volume two weeks ago and I'm waitng to hear whether or not they are going to accept it.

jsig35 said...

I'm so excited!!! Oh, Let us know the outcome!!