Friday, August 1, 2008

One of those weeks

You've had one, I'm sure, one of those weeks (months or lives) when minor disasters seem to lurk around every corner. I don't even remember Monday and Tuesday; I was too busy trying to condense my manuscript for the audio version of Ruby. Wednesday, the first day of the week we serve in the temple, my hair dryer died. Just try drying your hair in front of one of those little fans meant to cool small rooms like my office. I won't mention the difficulty I'm having memorizing all the things I have to memorize for this calling and I'm the kid who sailed through school with a photographic memory. The photographic memory retired twenty years before I did and I've had to learn all over how to study, memorize, etc. Then I was up late trying to take more words out of my manuscript.

Thursday, not only was I still without a hairdryer, but my watch ticked its final minute about 5 a.m. and I had to tear over to Walmart to buy something fast and cheap. I tried to file my nails down a bit while wolfing down my breakfast. I came home about five thirty and threw one of those four minute roasts in the microwave for sandwiches and cut up fruit and called it a salad, then raced upstairs to my office to get back to unwriting. My computer had completed the triliogy. It was dead. I spent last evening and until ten thirty this morning trying to decipher some girl in India's garbled English to get it going again. If you're among the senders of the fifty-six emails I skimmed at lightening speed a few minutes ago, rest assured I'll take a better look and send answers one I manage to unwrite about six or seven thousand more words. You may think I'm getting close to the end on this process, but as all those who have ever condensed a novel can tell you, the last 5000 words removed is the hardest and slowest.

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