Sunday, July 27, 2008

Twin Falls Temple is Spectacular!

Twin Falls Temple front view.
I'm sitting in front of a fountain at the front of the temple.

We toured the new Twin Falls Temple on July 25. It is beautiful and the lightest, airiest of all of the temple we've seen so far. The tours were set up in a highly organized manner and we enjoyed every minute of it. It's much smaller than the Jordan River Temple where we serve. I was really impressed with the beautiful wood and stone. Just seeing the three-wall mural painted by Leon Parsons was worth the whole trip. Go see it if you can. It depicts the nearby Shoshone Falls, the South Mountains, the Snake River Canyon, and the wildlife natural to that area. After the tour we took a few pictures. Here's one I quite like that someone volunteered to take of me, my husband, my sister, and her husband in front of the temple.

I also had a booksigning at Crowleys in the mall. I met some delightful people and had a great time. That's a really nice little bookstore and one I really recommend. Since my new book won't be out until October, I really appreciated all of you who brought in older books for me to sign and gave me a chance to meet you and talk with you.

Two of my brothers, both of my sisters, and their spouses all went to dinner with my husband and me before my signing. It was fun and great to be with them again. Saturday my sisters and their husbands took us out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Buhl. Fantastic food and service even if our waitress spoke almost no English.

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MaryJo said...

The temple looks beautiful!