Monday, July 14, 2008

On books and temples

The books I've read this past month for my Meridian review column were all good books. A couple were really exceptional. Look for my reviews on Thursday of this week. It's not often that a mystery novel stumps me, but one did this time.

Julie Bellon is collecting items to send to deployed soldiers as she does signings for her new book. Check her web site (check the sidebar on my blog to access her web page) and if you possibly can please contribute something to her project. I may be biased, but I firmly believe we should all do whatever we can to make our soldiers' lives a little easier.

One of my nieces is living with us for awhile. She's just begun a new job and will find an apartment in a few months, but for now we're enjoying having her here.

I'm still feeling overwhelmed by all I must learn to work in the temple, yet I'm enjoying it. It's neat to arrive at the temple early two mornings a week and attend a preparation meeting with approximately a hundred and twenty women all dressed in white, well groomed, and cheerful. It's not at all like early morning on a job in the private sector. My biggest problem so far has been finding white pantihose I like. Now that nurses don't have to wear white stockings, they're kind of hard to find.

From our bedroom window we can watch (with the help of my husband's binoculars) the construction of the two new temples in the Salt Lake Valley. In a couple of weeks we're going to the open house for the Twin Falls temple. We're quite excited to tour it. While we're in Twin Falls I'll be doing a signing at Crowley's Bookstore in the mall a few blocks from the temple. I'll post the time as soon as I know it.


Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Thank you so much for your support of my charity drive for the soldiers, Jennie. It was so fun to see you today!

Jennie said...

It looked like you had a pretty large box of donated items from patrons of that one store. I'm so glad. With all of the political bickering going on, I don't think our country hears enough about or appreciates the wonderful men and women who are putting their lives on the line for the rest of us.

And it was super to see you again. You look great!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey Jennie,

Thanks for your comment on my blog about LDS fiction. What you said perfectly sums up the reasons why I wrote the blog in the first place, and I appreciate your support in it.

And I hear you on the white pantyhose! I can't wear the knee high nylons they provide because they "ping" down to my ankles (fat calves) so I wear the regular long ones when I attend.