Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Winner, an Announcement, and a little Writerly Rambling.

Mindi Battraw is the winner of the March Wish List.  Congratulations!  Mindi send me your wish list and I'll send you one of the books from your list.

Once again I'm discontinuing the monthly Wish List contest for a month, maybe two.  I'll be having my second knee replacement surgery in two weeks, so it's time to simplify again.  Blogging may be a bit erratic for a time as well.  Everything went well with my first knee replacement, so I expect it will this time, but it involves a rather long recovery and a lot of rehab time.  I do have plans to keep up my Meridian column.

You may notice  on Thursday that I reviewed a non-fiction book this week, something I generally don't do. Usually the only time I include non-fiction in my reviews is when I do a special column such as the one I do before Christmas, in which I review a number of fiction and non-fiction books. This book, Hitchhikers by Bernard Poduska, is biographical and touched a tender spot for me because I, too, moved frequently while growing up.  But that is the only similarity to my childhood. 

Writing a review column is always interesting and a challenge.  I love the wide variety of books I get to read.  Of course I don't review every book I read; I don't even remember to post them all on Good Reads.  Like most readers, I enjoy some genres more than others, and I've learned that when books by certain authors show up in my "to read" pile I can count on an enjoyable reading experience.  I read books by two of these  authors this week, Deep Cover by Traci Hunter Abramson and Poaching Daisies by Carole Thayne Warburton.  I highly reccommend both and will post reviews on Meridian in the near future.  These books just might be these two authors' best books yet.  I'm thinking Whitney nominations.

Speaking of Whitneys.  I won't be at the gala this year.  It falls too soon after my surgery, but I'll be thinking of all the finalists and friends I'll miss seeing.  Good luck to all involved.


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