Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Miracle Came Our Way

What a week this has been!  A week ago Friday we made turning our son and daughter-in-law's office into a nursery a family project.  This involved removing four layers of wallpaper and two layers of paint plus moving all of the office furniture out to make remove for baby furniture.  We knew time was short, but we had no idea how little time we had.  Our newest granddaughter was born about noon on Memorial Day, five weeks early.  Little Gracie's arrival has been unconventional in every way.  After fifteen years of fertility specialists and being told it wasn't going to happen, our daughter-in-law went in for surgery on a painful, swollen knee, only to have the surgery cancelled because the pre-surgery tests said she was pregnant.  A high risk obstetrician confirmed she was not only pregnant, but six months along.  Two months after learning of the pregnancy, the baby arrived, via emergency c-section.  She's healthy, but tiny.  Mom is the one having problems with both her knee and her hip and she must use a wheelchair.

Little Gracie is in NICU and today I got to hold her.  As soon as she gains a little more weight she'll be coming home.  I hope the nursery will be finished in time.  I hope too, her mommy will soon be able to walk again and will be pain free.  We decided to go ahead with the shower scheduled for today.  It was fun and you can read more about it on my daughter's blog, Come Out When You're Happy.  There's a link on the sidebar of this blog.
Our whole family considers this precious little girl our miracle baby.

Along with all of the new baby excitement we had a grandson graduate from AMES Academy, two birthdays, and all kinds of end of school year events take place.

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Megan said...

Congratulations! Hope all goes well with momma's recovery! :)