Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Christmas Spirit is Alive and Well

Christmas isn't even here yet, but this past week will go down in my Christmas memories as one of those special Christmases and each time I think of these past few days, I'll think of the kind and generous people in my ward.  The past couple of weeks have been really busy and I've been struggling with pain in my knees as well as an editing deadline for my next book. Thursday was our Relief Society service auction.  This is a fun event each year where the women including the Young Women in our ward enjoy a nice dinner, then through a points system, bid for services provided by each other.  It's always fun and everything from lovely handmade items to babysitting or mopboard scrubbing is auctioned off.  This year I was in charge of the ward Christmas party scheduled for the following night and my committee wanted to set up and decorate for that event right after the RS social. 

At the conclusion of the Relief Society auction, their committee pitched in to clean up and help my ward party committee set up. When we discovered we were short tablecloths, Laurie drove out to her aunt's home some distance away to borrow more for us and a few of us worked on decorations until eleven, then came back at eight the next morning to finish up.
Friday was filled with preparations and at least fifty more people than we were told to expect, but everyone volunteered to crowd more chairs at tables and set up more tables.  Fortunately there was enough food, but it caused some worry as the potatoes began to run low.  The Kearns Madrigals provided a wonderful music program.  Even Santa showed up.  After the ward party concluded, again everyone pitched in to clean up and set up for a funeral to be held the next day.

All this time I was worrying about getting the edit for my next book finished by my deadline. Every moment possible I was working on it.  Fortunately my editor gave me a few days extension.  Only taking time out of editing on Saturday to attend the funeral, I buried myself in trying to finish it.  Late in the afternoon, the Relief Society president called to say she was bringing us a surprise.  A short time later Holly and Steve walked in carrying a delightful surprise.  Steve used the leftover ham bones from the party to brew up a huge pot of ham and beans, and knowing that's something I really like, they brought over a generous share for us.  It was delicious and much appreciated.

Yes, the Spirit of Christmas is alive and well. 

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Robin said...

You sure had a busy week. I liked how your ward supported each other in their different auxiliaries. Thanks for sharing.