Saturday, November 5, 2011


We got a full blown winter storm overnight.  My husband actually had to get out the snow blower and use a long pole to knock snow off of the trees that still have leaves; they were in danger of breaking from the heavy load of snow.  I'm grateful for him.  I'm thankful, too, today that I went shopping yesterday instead of leaving it for today. Actually my husband took me shopping for a couple of new outfits for my birthday, then out to lunch.  I also did some Christmas shopping.  That's another thing I'm thankful for, grandchildren to give me an excuse to shop for cute kid things.  I dislike most shopping, but I have to admit it's fun to shop for things for a little girl who will be ten months old at Christmas.

Here are a few pictures taken this morning before the snow was knocked down from the trees and the bird feeder cleared.

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Elizabeth Morgan said...

It's beautiful! I love snow. The area I live in finally got a good covering. I think the snow looks wonderful.