Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Contest to First Taste of Winter

Winners for October's Wish List contest are Steph (from Wyoming) and Becky (I don't know where she hails from).  Congratulations!  Please send me your wish list of five or more LDS novels you would like to have and I'll send one from your list to each of you.  Send to bhansen22 at msn dot com and put Wish List in the subject line.  I'll also need your mailing address.

The new contest begins today and since it's November, it's time to talk about gratitude.  I'll admit I wasn't too grateful this morning when I looked out to see snow falling, but overall I am grateful for the snow.  It means water for next summer and it means skiiers coming to Utah's slopes.  I don't ski, but I'm well aware of how much the ski industry helps my state's economy.

At the top of my gratitude list is my family.  I have a pretty cool one.  We're a diverse bunch, but we love and support each other a lot.  I'm thankful for my testimony of the Gospel, my freedom, my house, my car, my income, my writing talent, good food, indoor plumbing, access to good medical care, and all those things that make my life comfortable and safe.  And yes, I feel gratitude for even some of the small, simple things like chocolate, my computer, telephones, and a husband who likes to cook.  The past few days we've spent time with my siblings and their spouses (we've lost four of our number in recent years and gained two new ones).  There's something satisfying about spending time with the people who have made this journey with me since my earliest memories and been my best friends through all the many moves we made while growing up.  There's something special about inlaws who are as dear to me as my own siblings, some of which share more than fifty years of memories.  How could I not love the two sisters-in-law who turned my brother's sadness into continued years of happiness?

Our society sees more of complaints and anger than gratitude these days.  All this month I'm going to think of at least one thing each day I'm grateful for.  Care to join me?

And here's a glimpse of this winter's first snowfall:


Megan said...

Thanks for the reminder of being grateful! I'm also grateful for my family. Especially this year, my sister is having the first grandchild in our family next month! I'm very excited. :)Anyway, I try to find things I am grateful every day and I do my best to verbalize it. Thanks again!

Robin said...

I am thankful for my children and parents who are living. I am thankful for the sun that shines almost everyday in Idaho and that makes me happy. So many things to be thankful for.