Friday, April 1, 2011


The March contest ended yesterday and this morning I drew names to see who gets to claim books from their wish lists for prizes.  This is the first time I've included those who commented on my reviews on Meridian and ironically both winners are from Meridian comments.  The winners are Dee who commented on Borrowed Light written by Carla Kelly, and Lisa Paskins who commented on Gifted by Karey White.  Please contact me at bhansen22 at msn dot com with a list of five or more LDS books you would like within one week.  If I have any of the books you choose, and I usually do, I'll send one to each of you. Be sure to send me your mailing addresses.  Congratulations to both of you.

Now to the new contest.  Same rules, and by the way, comments on Meridian usually don't show up until the following day. Since April is the month for two significant observances for most of us, I will blog about Genral Conference and Easter this month.  Any thoughtful comment concerning any of the conference talks this weekend will count as will comments about the meaning of Easter, Easter observances, or anything Easter or Spring related.  Comments concerning my April reviews are also encouraged.  If I stray off topic, you can too. I'm not as faithful as some bloggers about acknowledging comments, but I read them and have been greatly impressed by the thoughts many of you have offered.  I'll try to do better.  Ready?  Set? Go!

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