Monday, November 1, 2010


Winner of the last Wish List book failed to contact me, so I drew two winners today:  Danyelle Ferguson and Mindy Battraw.  Congratulations!  Please send me a list of five or more LDS novels you would like to own and I'll send one of them to you (if someone else hasn't already claimed it).  Send your wish list and mailing address to bhansen22 at msn dot com.  Please include Wish List in your subject line.


Danyelle Ferguson said...

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh! I'm so excited. Oh my goodness. Is there a list of books I should choose from or do I randomly send you a list of five books?

Thank you!!!!

Jennie said...

Danyelle, just pick five or more LDS novels you'd like to own. If all the books on your list are already taken, I'll ask for a second list, but usually I have at least one of the requested books.