Friday, October 15, 2010

Time to start a Halloween contest

October is half over and we're half way to Halloween, just two more weeks. I tried to think of a Halloween theme for the October Wish List 2 contest, but since LDS fiction doesn't produce many horror novels and I have none to give away, I guess that's not too great of an idea. To be perfectly honest I don't like the creepy, bloody, scary stuff, but I enjoy the little kids' Trick or Treat costumes, the candy, pumpkins, scarecrows, and all of the light, fun side. When it comes to books, my favorite Halloween style covers and titles belong to Kerry Blair, Ghost of a Chance and Mummy's the Word. Both Gregg Luke and Stephanie Black write the kind of suspense that borders on horror, but never quite crosses that line. There are a few LDS writers who write horror, but their books are general market, not LDS. So let's keep to the fun side of Halloween for this contest. I want to hear what your favorite Halloween activities are, what costumes your kids are wearing this year, do you attend Halloween parties, and whether or not you like to read the gory, scary, nightmare kind of books. One more thing, I think it would be fun to post reader's Halloween pictures over the next two weeks. If you would like me to post a picture of your kids, your pet, or you in Halloween costume on this blog, send your photo to bhansen22 at msn dot com. Be sure to mention the name of this contest in your subject line so I won't delete it with my junk mail. The senders of any pictures used will receive a double entry in the contest.
Oh, and lest I forget, the winner of the October Wish List 1 contest is Cindy R. Williams. Cindy send me a list of five or more books on your wish list and your mailing address. Send it to bhansen22 at msn dot com. Remember all followers are included in each contest and those who make comments on any of my blogs during the contest period are entered in the drawing to win an LDS novel of his/her choice from the books sent to me for review.


Mindi said...

I love to take my kids to the ward chili cook-off that is always around Halloween and part of the trunk-or-treat. I have no idea what my kids will be this year, though. We have three boxes full of various costumes (all bought at after-Halloween clearances!) and they go through and pick one that fits them. And I absolutely do not read the scary books. Stephanie Black is the most I can handle and one of hers was too much for me. I have a very low tolerance for scary. Keep mine fun! Loved Kerry's books, too!

violettes said...

I read for pleasant enjoyment not to stress myself out! My children love Halloween and begin worrying about costumes in August. The top picks change almost daily so I don't worry about it until the end of October. And I never feel as though I don't get my moneys worth out of the costumes! They keep them in closets and dress up boxes and literally wear them out. I love seeing all the costumes on Halloween although I don't particularly care for the bloody, violent, horror ones. Also, I am HAPPY to give candy to anyone who dresses up and comes to my door. I love the teenagers who still do it! (That said you must be in costume to get candy.)
One more Halloween thought. Because of my husband's job we move around a lot and usually are the only members of the church in our neighborhood/schools. Dressing up and having fun on Halloween helps show people that Mormons are pretty regular people. I love the neighborhood feeling on Halloween evenings when everyone is out and about and greeting each other.