Saturday, October 2, 2010

Running Late

I'm sorry I'm late posting the winner of my September Wish List 2 contest. I was out of town most of the week. I loved the comments concerning the future of LDS Fiction posted on Meridian and I'm glad so many of you enjoy LDS Fiction and took the time to read my article and comment. I like the new Meridian format that gives readers an opportunity to comment directly on columns and features they like or dislike, and allows them to add something they find pertinent. So many people who enjoy LDS fiction live nowhere near a store that carries this fiction and must depend on ordering online, over the phone, or by mail which adds to the cost of the books. Comments by readers added to my reviews are a big help for readers everywhere to make choices concerning books to order or to pick up when they are able to visit a bookstore that carries LDS materials.

Now to announce the winner: Vicki Firth Please contact me within a week at bhansen22 at msn dot com to give me your wish list and mailing address.

A new contest begins now and runs through October 15. The past few weeks have been extremely stressful for me and I haven't found a particular theme for this contest (October Wish List 1), so I'm going to ask you to comment on any topic connected to LDS fiction or you may ask me questions concerning my own writing, reviewing, or anything writing related. If I don't know the answer, I'll find someone who does. (I'll also decide whether or not a question is appropriate).


Britt said...

I have two random LDS-fiction-related comments--
1)One of these days I really want to actually make it to a Ladies' Night signing at DB
2)RE the new Tennis Shoes (Heimerdinger) book-- It's about freaking time.

I told you they were random.


Jennie said...

Britt, I love the DB Ladies Night signings and the Seagull Celebrating Sisterhood. That kind of signing is a ball. Also I just finished sending in my review of Heimerdinger's new book. Look for it Thursday on Meridian.

Elizabeth said...

Jennie, When do you have a new book coming out? I love your books and can't wait for a new one! :D

Jennie said...

Elizabeth, I don't have a release date yet for my next book. I'm not happy with the title they picked for it. I called it Murder comes Calling, but my publisher wants to call it Neighborhood Watch which has nothing to do with the story.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

What makes you want to write? How do you decide the topic you want?

I read your Review of Backlash it was great!