Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Lachish and AzGirl in Tx are the winners of the two Jerry Borrowman books. As soon as I receive lachish's mailing information I will forward the information to Jerry's publisher and the publisher will send the books to them. Congratulations to both of you.

There are only two entries so far in the Last Half of May contest. Usually by this time there are a lot more entries. I'm not sure if the sluggish start is due to the busy time of year or if none of you like the books I'm offering this time. This is a topic I'd really like to hear a lot of comments on, so if you don't want any of the three books featured, remember winners can request an alternate prize (give me a wish list and if the book is available, I'll send that one instead.)


lachish said...

Jennie, I sent you my info in an email. Let me know if you don't get it: lachish at gmail dot com. Thank you!

Jennie said...

lachish, I got it!

Crystal said...

Hey, Jennie! I haven't commented lately because I won a few contests ago and I felt bad for trying again too soon. But, if not a lot of people want to try, then I'm all for trying now! :)

I'm pretty choosy about what I read. I like to be entertained, but I also like to think. Either way I prefer the more traditional novel with subtle messages. Fiction definitely does not have to entertain all the time. I love the new author Elodia Strain. Read both her books and laughed my head off. Less than two weeks later I was completely sucked into Sandra Grey's Traitor and Tribunal. Total opposites, but I love all four books.

Amy Btw M said...

Oh I'm in a blog slump lately. I'm practicing not spending too much time on the computer. So I guess that's why I haven't gotten too many comments in. Usually I'm right on top of things.

I also have really enjoyed Elodia Strain. She is pretty funny. I have heard that Sandra Grey is good as well, but I haven't read those.
I've been reading classics lately. I just finished Wuthering Heights. I can't say it was totally enjoyable, but it was interesting.

AzGirl in TX said...

This is the first time since this contest started that I've been able to get the word verification to work! But that's ok ;^)

I don't mind a fiction book having a message, most books usually do whether it's in the forefront of the story or hiding in the background. However, there have been times when I was trying to make a point about something and the first story or example that came to mind was fictional and the group I was talking with asked where I found that and then completely discounted the entire statement because I remembered the fictional reference not a non-fictional reference. It surprised me, but it also made me realize that there are people out there who think if something is written in a fictional book that the author made it up, and none of it is actaully real. This doesn't account for any research an author may have done to make it authentic etc. and that bothers me, because I have read comments from authors who did extensive research before writing a book... and research is work! Also, I am definitely more careful about what I will use as a reference in conversation now!