Monday, May 11, 2009


The graduation season has begun! Friday my daughter-in-law graduated from the University of Utah. She has worked full time and gone to school part time for ten years. When it might have been easier to give up, she kept going and I’m so proud of her. I took some pictures of her at the graduation, but the best shot was one my son took of her.

Other graduations will soon follow. Our oldest grandson will graduate from high school in June and he has four cousins who will graduate this Spring as well---each from a different high school. Congratulations to all of them.

Graduation ceremonies have changed a lot since my big days. They were solemn occasions then with a great deal of pomp and ceremony. When our children graduated from high school, the ceremonies were nice, but the audience had to be reminded a few times to keep the noise level down. Since then we’ve attended nine college graduations, both junior college and university, for our five children and three of their spouses. They’ve all been a little noisy, two were hard to hear because of rude, noisy audiences, some were rained on, some were blistering hot, some graduates were childish show offs, some cried, some were inside, some were outside, but this most recent graduation is the first time I saw a large group of graduates prance across the stage shoeless.

We finished the day with a big party at my son’s house. Her family, our family, and friends showed up to celebrate my daughter-in-law’s accomplishment. She said she’s in no hurry to look for a job with her new degree. She’s happy working for Shriners’ Hospital and plans to stay there, at least until the job market looks a little brighter.

Saturday we went shopping. Not for clothes or groceries, but we visited a plant nursery (with a stop on the way to watch our oldest granddaughter play soccer). It’s hard for me to know when to quit when I shop at a garden center. Guess what we gave our daughters for Mothers’ Day!

Graduation wasn’t the only cause to celebrate this weekend or to open gifts. Mothers’ Day began with a few relaxing hours to read a great book, Pursuit by Lynn Gardner, followed by Church. Sacrament meeting was a lovely meeting with its combination of short talks and musical numbers. The Deacons passed out chocolate truffle bars to all of the moms. Relief Society was at full capacity. In our ward it is customary for the Elders to teach and conduct Primary and Young Womens so that all of the mothers can attend Relief Society, a great idea since it is the one time all year we are altogether.

Following church, all of our children and their families came over. The girls had arranged for a pot luck dinner with lots of pre-prepared or easy-fix salads and desserts plus they fired up the grill for their husbands to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats. The younger kids mostly chased each other around on the gravel paths in the garden while the adults and teenagers ate more than we should have. It was a perfect day to sit around and talk. I received a few plants, a new hummingbird feeder, a restaurant gift card, and some fun casual clothes, but the best gift was being all together this year.

This morning’s adventure was a bit painful, but nice too. I visited a specialist who discovered a good share of my knee pain is tendonitis. Though I have some arthritis in my knees it isn’t the cause of most of my pain. I still got a shot in my knee, but I can walk without pain and I’m all for that!

In recent years our family has suffered several different bouts of cancer, three deaths, a son-in-law in combat then a military hospital, and obligations that took some of our children to other places on days that were family celebrations. These absences have given us an appreciation for those simple times when we can just be together. The biggest endeavor we all took together was a week at the May Ranch near Challis, Idaho after our son-in-law was cleared to travel following his return from Iraq, but each time we are all together, even if we just sit and talk, we all feel a greater closeness and deeper appreciation for each other.

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Kelsi Rose said...

My dad and I have similar temperaments and that has caused us some clashing. I learned when I lived away from home (I have since moved back to help out) that my dad is really remarkable. He loves my mom and takes such good care of her. He lost his job, and because we live in a small town he has had to take a job that is very much below his skill level and continues to persevere even though it is difficult for him. I love him and I don't know what I or my family would do without him.

AzGirl in TX said...

This one is for my husband. He does so much to make sure we have what we need and that I can stay home with our three kids. He has worked 2 jobs at the same time and gone to school and worked as many extra hours as he could just to make ends meet (and yes when it still wasn't enough I helped out by babysitting and selling home-made bread, but this is about him) For the past 9 years he has been working toward a Bachelor degree, earning 2 associate degrees in the process to make it possible and now we can see the end of this trail, if everything runs smoothly he will have his degree at the end of 2010. He is amaxing and can do so much and we jsut love him. He is surprised all the time that when he walks through the door all three kids (the youngest will be 1 this week) scramble to be the first to get to him. We just love him!

Stephanie said...

From June 2007 to Aug 2008 I attened 7 Graduations 4 of which were my Own. In ne year My parents had 3 of their 4 children Graduate from BYU. My mom, after her High school Graduation, said she would never attend a ceremony again, but in one year she had to attend 7. My high school, Bellevue Community college (Running Start, Seminary, My sister-in-laws BYU, My sister's BYU, My Brother's BYU, and my Byu graduations. But the only reason why I made it to those 4 graduations is because of my mother. She supportd me throughout all of my school career, always willing to bring me my homework that I forgot, picking me and taking me to sports, helping me study for all of my tests, she truly is amazing!

Amy Btw M said...

Last year my little sis and her hubby graduated on the same day. They were doing online college from two different colleges. Her commencement was in Virginia and her hubby's was in Missouri. So the sad thing was they couldn't attend each others graduations. She and my parents went to hers and she was about 8 months pregnant.

Randy and Lisa said...

Congratulations on the graduates. The leaving of an "old" life and the beginning of a new life is always a time to celebrate. My oldest will graduate from high school next Spring, and I'm looking forward to this important step into adulthood in her life. She has a lot of friends who will graduate in a couple of weeks, and she will get to honor them, by singing with the choir at their graduation. I have seen some of these young people grow from young childhood into young adulthood, and I can't help but wonder what experiences await them as they enter the world of adulthood. Are they prepared to be responsible for themselves, and eventually others? They are, for the most part, a terrific group of young people, and will succeed in whatever they choose to do with their lives. I can only sit back with their families and wish them all the best.