Monday, March 9, 2009


Snow and more snow! I just drove over to get my hair cut and came right back. I'd planned on a few other errands, but the snow is coming down so thick and fast, I decided the other things could wait. My poor little crocuses are buried in the white stuff. We worried about snow all weekend because we made a quick trip to Idaho to visit some of my family who are ill. We ran into a few light flurries on the way up, Saturday was cold but beautiful, and we returned before the storm hit today.

I lived for a signifigant portion of my growing up years in Southern Idaho, but each time we go up my brother-in-law shows me places I've never been. There isn't a back road he doesn't know. This time we visited an area of tall trees on the north side of the Snake River canyon where we spotted four eagles. We also had a great view of a wind farm. After watching the eagles we took a twisting, steep trail down into the canyon to a steelhead hatchery where we saw not only the young steelhead fish, but about half a dozen sturgeon. The sturgeon aren't very pretty as fish go, but they're really big. We went through Jerome and saw where the schools I attended there have been torn down and replaced with new modern buildings. We also went past the farm where we lived the summer after we returned to Idaho from Montana. The house is gone and there's a huge house on the hill where I used to hunt rabbits. It made me feel like the old saying that a person can never go back must be true. It was a little like erasing a piece of my past. Have you ever revisited a place you once knew well and discovered it only exists in your memories, the reality is gone?

Another fun thing was going out to dinner with four of my siblings and their spouses at a Mexican restaurant in an old movie theater. Our waitress's English was pretty good, but most of the staff speak little English. That doesn't matter. No matter what you order it is fantastic. I ordered a burrito dinner and ate way too much while my husband ordered the greatest fajita I've ever seen. I'm ordering that next time we go there. That restaurant (sorry I can't pronounce or even remember how to spell the name of it) is one of those great places a person finds only rarely somewhere off the beaten path. Have you ever found a place like that? A place far more deserving of all the high-priced advertising praise, but seemingly content to be exceptional, but in a small way?


Amy Btw M said...

Well, I haven't had much experience in visiting places I grew up in. I'm actually still living in one of my growing up places, and I have witnessed the changes through the years. It is strange now to think what once was nothing but open pastures behind our house is now fully developed into houses and new roads.

I have encountered some of those special eating places. One is Maria's in Beaver, UT. It is a small Mexican restaurant that is only open from spring to fall. My friends and I spent some happy times there eating great authentic food. Another place I always enjoyed was Deano's Pizza in Fillmore, UT. It was previously owned by a family member of my husband, and they had the best chicken alfredo pizza I've ever tasted. We haven't been there since we lived in Beaver. I don't think I'll ever find better tasting pizza anywhere else.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

You know, I remember as a kid when we drove through Moses Lake, Washington on one of our trips up north. It's my dad's hometown, and when we drove by his old house, it had been thoroughly burned. I remember him saying, "My home!"

As far as fabulous off the beaten path restaurants, there's a Mexican restaurant in this little Kentucky town that's to die for. I wish I could remember the name of the town. My husband's family has a lake house there and it's just te best food ever.

Stephanie said...

Wow your update sounds like my update, ha ha. here in WA it also snowed, and when it snows everything shuts down but I was able to get my haircut since it was the second and snow normally doesn't stay around that long, ha ha