Friday, March 20, 2009

Book Signings

Next Saturday Seagull Book Stores will be hosting their semi-annual Celebrating Sisterhood events at their bookstores. I'll be signing from ten to twelve at the West Jordan store and from 12:30 until two at the Redwood Store. Come see me; I'd love to meet you. If you buy a book fine, but if you'd like to bring books you've previously purchased, I love signing them too. And if you just want to say hello that's okay too. Hosting stores always have some great deals, refreshments, and it's just a fun event.

Since our present contest features food and most writers bring a bowl of snacks to set on the signing table, please tell me what I should put in that little bowl. Chocolate? Easter candy? Cookies?


An AZ Girl in TX said...

Hmmm... that should be an easy question, but it is so loaded! Within a moment or two I'd thought of so many possibilities... Hershey's Kisses and Peppermint discs... Andes Mints... Chocolate chip cookies... Snickerdoodles... and so on.
So I decided to stop overloading the ideas and make it easy!
I asked my 5 yr old daughter who suggested M&M cookies and if you need something simpler... Hershey's Kisses are always a good idea! Hope this helps ;^)

Amy Btw M said...

I am a big supporter of chocolate. Since it is close to Easter, there are many varieties of Easter themed chocolates. Although, Jelly Beans are also a favorite. Being a woman though, I would still go with the chocolate. The Cadbury Mini eggs are delish.

Jennie said...

Thanks Jennifer and Amy. The store where I shopped for treats didn't have the Cadbury eggs in the small size so I got the little foil wrapped Dove chocolates. Very good, but no where near as good as the bite size truffles Utah Truffles lady was passing out.