Monday, February 16, 2009


Cold weather and another approaching storm have me thinking of other places and times--- summer river running on the Salmon River, fishing trips along a wild Montana stream, Cherry Blossom time in Washington D.C., Temple Square in the Spring, the Butchard Gardens in Victoria, The River Walk in San Antonio, or dozens of other favorite spring and summer spots. Books are more affordable than travel, so I recommend a little fantasy travel to other climes, times, and places to beat the winter blahs. All three books offered as prizes in this contest deal with characters who find themselves suddenly confronted with new surroundings and unexpected problems relative to their new locations.

In Finding Faith by Terri Ferran, Kit Mathews discovers new surroundings and a generous helping of culture shock. Kit Mathews is content with her life in California, but her dad’s new job lands her along with her family in Logan, Utah, the land of Mormons.

Today’s political and economic realities may have us wishing for a different time as well as place. Historical fiction and time travel can provide an alternative time period, but there’s no guarantee it will be better, only that the journey will be fascinating and possibly change the focus of our concerns. Heroes of Glorieta Pass by Brad E. Hainsworth and Richard Vetterli take the reader back to the American Civil War period but not to the Eastern United States. This book takes us to the American Southwest where one of the few western battles of the war was fought. Also with a Civil War twist is Love Beyond Time by Nancy Campbell Allen that takes a modern twenty-first century doctor and an overworked contemporary accountant on separate journeys back to a military battlefield hospital where they join forces to unravel an old mystery and to find their way back, hopefully together, to the present.

Yes, it’s time for another contest. The prize is your choice of the three books pictured above. This contest begins now and ends February 27. The winner will be announced March 2. The rules are simple.
1. Give a thoughtful response to the question at the end of this blog. I’ll be the sole judge of whether or not your response is “thoughtful.”
2. Everyone who responds thoughtfully will have her/his name placed in a drawing. The winner will be announced two days after the contest closes. The winner must then contact me within five days with a mailing address (must be US or Canada unless you send me advance payment for postage).
3. Winners of one contest are eligible to enter the next contest.
Where would you like to be if you could travel to any place or time on this earth and why?


Amy Btw M said...

Oh good, I get to go first. I think this may be a fairly typical answer for an LDS person, but I would want to be with the Nephites at the time Christ comes to visit them. I think it would be very difficult times considering all the terrible disasters that just took place, but to be able to see the Savior and be with him would beat anything in this world. Not to mention all they heard and witnessed, and to be able to be blessed by the Savior himself would be so incredible. So that would be my choice.

How could I possibly choose between those 3 books? They all sound good. I guess I would like the one with the guys that travel back in time. I like time travel books. That idea has always fascinated me.

Melanie Goldmund said...

I've thought about this a lot, even before reading your question, Jennie. Yeah, it would be cool to hide in the Sacred Grove and watch Joseph Smith having the First Vision, or to be among the Nephites when Christ came, but maybe an experience like that would change my life in a way that I'm not (yet) prepared to handle. So I'm going to go with something more mundane, I'm afraid -- popping in on the Jaredites every so often as they work their way from the Tower of Babel to the seashore. I'd love to have a few questions answered, such as how many people started out with them as compared to how many people finished the actual journey, or why did it seem that Jared always had to give his brother a swift kick in the rear end before he actually got up and did something. Or was that just the way it came across because Jared was the one writing the journal? Anyway, I'd definitely skip the year in the barge, (I don't exactly get seasick, I just get sick of being on the sea) but I'd be happy to watch as they disembarked in the Promised Land and got things set up there. And find out what happened to the lights. *g*

Gamila said...

hmm, being a history major makes this question hard to answer. There are so many awesome things to see! Walking through the original Roman Forum, or Palatine hill in all of its splendor--wow. The original Temple in Jerusalem would be interesting to see. Hearing the real live voices of Abraham Lincoln or Cicero. Everyone likes to choose Book of Mormon times to go back to, but I'd like to see stuff from the New Testament, and the Early Church. What would it be like to attend a church meeting where John the Beloved was talking about the Savior? So freakin' cool! It would also be cool to follow the savior around for a day during his mortal ministry, see how he interacted with people, and what he spoke about.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

If I could visit any time, I'd love to visit with each of my grandparents. They all passed on when I was too young to have a real appreciation of their wisdom, and none of them kept journals, but I would love to have a conversation with each of them as an adult.

Mindi said...

I was a history major as well and can't think of just one time or place I would want to be. Maybe the early colonial period for the United States. How cool would it be to see George Washington cross the Delaware, to go along with Paul Revere, or to watch the discussions about what should and should not be in the constitution. But honestly, that is just one example of all the things I would love to be able to witness. My list could go on for quite some time!

Taffy said...

My first thought would be a child living in Bountiful at Christ's coming and to have Him bless me and see angels. That story in 3rd Nephi was one of my favorite to read when I was young.

Stephanie said...

Excellent question! That is one question that I have never found an answer to. My number one choice for spiritual would be when the Lord visits the americas and then right after he leaves. When it is a time of peace. I find that would be one of the greastest places to be, I think.
My number one for fun would be in europe, in present time, touring it and seeing all the historical and fashion sites.
My number one for family history would be in the 1950's 1960'a, while my grandfather was alive. I never met, but I have always felt a kinship to him and would have love to met him!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I love the Anne of Green Gables series and have always been fascinated with visiting PEI. It would be especially awesome to go back and experience it as Anne would have - their dress, way of life, etc.

Daley Family said...

I have given a lot of thought to this question. I asked my husband and he automatically said he would want to be in the America's when Christ came. I think that is a common response among LDS people. It would be an amazing thing to be there. Although, I am perfectly content living in the time that we live in and I can't really think of anyother time that I would like to visit. I love reading things that happened in history, but I wouldn't really want to be there witnessing it. I think I would prefer to travel into the future to the second coming. When we can be reunited with our loved ones again. And to feel the love and peace that will be with all of us.