Thursday, October 9, 2008

The V-formation

This morning as I walked from my car to the temple I noticed tulip bulbs scattered across the flower beds and a woman was tossing pansy starts at random among the bulbs. I remembered that I have bulbs to plant tomorrow and that I set out my pansies last week. Just seeing all those bulbs filled me with anticipation for next spring. I stepped through the door and glanced back over my shoulder just as a large formation of geese flew over. For just a brief moment they were picture-postcard perfect framed just above the fountain and the vibrant fall flowers. For me the geese herald the end of summer and the beginning of true fall with winter coming closer.

I've always had a soft spot for geese. My mother had a small flock of geese when I was a child. I loved to watch them walk, their noisy honking, the way they rid the garden of grasshoppers and other such pests, the way they stayed together, and their soft downy color. The gander was another story, I was a bit afraid of old KC, who ruled his flock with dictatorial imperialism. I would rather tangle with a territorial cattle dog than old KC. My little brother once collected a frightening number of bruises from the old gander who pinched him mercilessly for straying too close. The new little goslings are as cute as baby chicks or ducks and slightly more adventurous.

Goose eggs are impressive with one big enough to make an omelet for two or maybe three. And in my early years Thanksgiving and Christmas meant roast goose rather than turkey. Our pillows were soft with goose down.

With all of this experience with geese, I suppose it's rather fitting that I should now find myself a member of a group of bloggers who call ourselves the V-formation. This group of writers chose the name because of our admiration for a flock of geese flying overhead. They form a broad V and take turns flying point. While the lead bird bucks the wind, the others flap their wings and honk encouragement. That's sort of the idea behind this group of writers. Sometimes one, then another, faces a serious plot problem, is caught up in the rush and push of deadlines, or is meeting multiple demands. Sometimes it's personal illness or problems that feel like strong headwinds. On those occasions the rest of us cheer the one flying point on. We also honk for each other's achievements, new books released, or a new grandchild. Consider this an invitation to visit our V-formation. Please leave comments, ask questions, and suggest topics you would like any of our panel to discuss.


Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Lovely, Jennie, and I really love the picture. We should post your beautiful invite on the V.

Cheri J. Crane said...

Wonderful picture, Jennie. ;)And excellent blog. I feel partial to geese myself. We raised them years ago when I was growing up. I learned to have a healthy amount of respect for them. =D