Monday, October 20, 2008

Three Things

This past week has been filled with so much rushing about and hurrying to get things done, but three things stand out. Thursday night I spoke at the Murray Library to a delightful group. They were fun and asked great questions. Along with signing my new release, The Ruby, it was my first opportunity to sign copies of The Spirit of Christmas which I co-wrote with Betsy Brannan Green and Michele Ashman Bell. You can find both books in bookstores now.

Friday was my youngest grandson's third birthday. Three is a wonderful age, so full of enthusiasm and energy. He's been playing "air" guitar for almost six months so we gave him a small guitar. Talk about enthusiasm! It was glued to his little fingers the rest of the evening and even sat beside his plate while he ate icecream and cake.

The third fun thing was Saturday morning when my three younger daughters and their husbands went to the temple to do a big stack of family sealings. My oldest daughter, my husband, and I volunteered to watch the seven youngest grandkids. We went to the park, played in our back yard, watched cartoons, and ate snacks; nothing unusual but it was so fun to watch the seven cousins (between 3 and 9) interact and enjoy each other.

I often think of President Hinckley's comment about life being a train ride with starts and stops, cinders and smoke in our eyes, derailments, rushing and waiting, with a few panoramic vista's thrown in here and there. It's those unexpected vistas that make life precious. I'm glad I had the opportunity to enjoy three of those vista's this past week. They do indeed make life precious.

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Nancy Campbell Allen said...

I love that quote, Jennie. It reminds me that it's not about being obsessed about the end of the journey, but finding joy along the way.

I love watching my kids interact with my sisters' and brother's kids. Something so wonderful about cousins!