Friday, June 13, 2008

Thoughts for today

I'm feeling a little sad today. I just learned that a dear friend's son is headed back to Iraq for his third deployment. I couldn't be more proud of him and of other young men and women like him and my son-in-law who stand up for freedom and represent our country so well. It's his mother my heart goes out to. I truly believe that those who must sit and wait serve as honorably as those who wear the uniform. My son-in-law won't be facing a third deployment; he was severely wounded two years ago and has been at Walter Reed, most of that time as an out patient, since then. He'll soon receive a medical discharge. The Army has provided him with excellent care, but he'll never be quite the same. What remains the same is his love for this country and his family.

I learned today that my novel, The Ruby, finally has a definite publication date. Look for it the first of October. This will be the final volume in my Bracelet series and will focus primarily on the ruby, but will tell the diamond's story too. And I didn't forget the sapphire. Readers will discover its journey too.

We finally have a beautiful day, so I'm heading back out to my garden. My love of gardening is something I think I got from my mother as both of my sisters and all of my daughters thrive on growing flowers and a few vegies.


Jewel's Gems said...

Welcome to blogdom, Jennie! Isn't it great?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie, I'm sad you finished the Bracelet series after book 4. Any chance you might consider writing novels about Clyde or the Davis'?