Wednesday, September 24, 2014


This just might be a bit of blatant advertising.

Come see me and forty or so other authors this coming Saturday, September 27, between one and five in the afternoon at the West Jordan Library, 8030 South 1825 West.  We'll be in the Viridian Event Center.  I don't have a new book out, but I do have a short story in Christmas Treasures, Covenant's newest compilation of short, true Christmas stories by a dozen different authors.  Deseret Book and King's English will be there with copies of many of my books for sale along with those of the other authors. I'd love to meet readers who have checked out my books or borrowed them from friends over the years as well as those who have purchased them. 

This will be a new experience for me since it will be the first time (I hope not the last) that my daughter Janice Sperry and I have been invited to sign our books at the same event. I'm also looking forward to seeing many of my fellow local authors. 

Here's a list of most of the authors who will be there: 

Ken Baker, Laura Bastian,             

Anne Bowen, Mikey Brooks, DJ Butler, Juli Caldwell, Stacy Lynn Carroll,Cindy Christiansen, Jaleta Clegg, Angela Corbett, Kristyn Crow,             

Julie Daines, Kristyn Decker,Peggy Eddleman, Bonnie Glee, Josh Hanagarne,
Ka Hancock, Jennie Hansen, Cindy Hogan, Marion Jensen, JR Johanssen, Kim Justeson,
Fay Klingler, Alysia S. Knight, Wendy Knight, Caren Liebelt, Dene Low, Lisa Mangum,
Carol Masheter, Shallee McArthur, Mark Minson, Andrea Pearson, Bobbie Pyron, Jess Smiley,
Janice Sperry, Joy Spraycar, Carolyn Steele, Sherry Taylor, Jaclyn Weist, Robison Wells, David West, Martha Sears West, Lance Why, Camron Wright, Michael Young

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