Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Mini-Vacation to Long Beach

With our fiftieth Wedding anniversary coming up later this year our son and his wife gave us a joint Christmas/anniversary present by taking us to Long Beach, California where we stayed a couple of nights on the Queen Mary, visited the Aquarium of the Pacific, and spent a day at Huntington Beach where the surfing championships were taking place. We had so much fun with them and our littlest granddaughter. We had our picture taken at one of the booths.
The Pier at Huntington Beach.

A really long hall just outside our room on the Queen Mary.

A gazebo on the Queen Mary where weddings are often performed.

Our little granddaughter was fascinated with the red telephone booths on the ship.  (The phones are long gone.)

 At the aquarium.

 Our son's family.

Super friendly birds at the Aquarium.

Me on the beach.

 Gracie playing in the sand.

 The view from our table our last night.

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Liz Mason said...

What a fun trip! Great pictures. The Queen Mary must have been so interesting to get to stay on.