Friday, March 1, 2013

And We Have a Winner!

Mandi Slack is the winner of a signed copy of my new book, Where the River Once Flowed. Mandi, e-mail or instant message me your mailing address. 

And speaking of my new book, Julie Bellon wrote a great review of it for Meridian magazine. Being a critic, I can't do blog tours, and get few reviews (except for one lady whose book I gave a bad review and she writes bad reviews of all my books on various sites to get even I guess).  Anyway I greatly appreciate Julie Bellon's thorough and positive review.  Julie is not only an accomplished writer in her own right, but has a keen understanding of reading, writing, and various aspects of the literary world. I appreciate all of you, too, who make kind comments on Good Reads, book store, and library sites and those of you who read my books and tell your friends and family about them.  A satisfied reader is the best critic of all. 

On another topic, I returned to both of my days at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple this week.  Yes, I got tired, but it felt so good to be back and I appreciate the warm welcome the other workers gave me.

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Jim Haberkorn said...

Hi Jennie,

Speaking of reviews, thank you, for your thorough and professional review of my book, A Thousand Suns. Irrespective of whether the review had been positive or negative, I still would have appreciated how thoroughly you read it and all the points you caught. You gave my somewhat offbeat story a fair chance, and for that I'm very grateful. Of course, the fact that your review was positive was also appreciated. Jim Haberkorn