Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Knees Have It

I have a new hero.  She smiles, she's cheerful, she gets the job done,  and it's a job I couldn't be paid enough to do.  I have no idea what her job title is, but what she does is make all the arrangements between hospitals, insurance companies, patients, medical suppliers, rehab facilities, etc. for a very busy surgeon.   I've gotten to know her because I'm having knee replacement surgery on Monday.  I've about gone crazy making the arrangements I've needed to make, but she has smoothed the impossible, gotten through a maze of telephone push button answering systems, tracked down records, and steered me through the process.  She's superwoman in my book. Thanks Lisa! 

I seriously dislike phone systems where an automated voice tells me to push buttons and gives me nine options, none of which quite fit what I'm calling about.  After I've been transferred a minimum of four times, I get another machine that tells me to leave my name and number and someone will call me back--but they never do.  Argh! 

It's probably best if I don't even get started on all the new regulations that have just gone into affect for medical providers and insurance companies!  And there's more to come.

Outside of the medical end of my upcoming surgery, it's been comically sad trying to get ready the things I'll need to take with me to the hospital.  My hospital stay will be followed by a week or two at a rehab center. I think I've spent the most time trying to decide what to load on my Kindle, copying material I might need from my desk top to my laptop or onto a USB drive, and trying to get a couple of reviews written ahead for incase I feel too rotten to read or write reviews for awhile.  Funny what us writer-types consider important at such times!  My laptop is old and slow; I'm not looking forward to using it for a few weeks.

If I don't blog or answer emails for awhile, be patient.  I'll be back as soon as possible, hopefully with a new bounce in my step, or at least a step that doesn't hurt. I may be a few days late posting the name of the Wish List winner for September, but if so, be assured I'll do it as soon as possible.
I posted a different kind of review on Meridian today.  Open Fire, J. Golden Kimball Takes on the South by Scott M. Hurst isn't strictly fiction.  It isn't even listed as fiction, but then it's not entirely fact either.  My review can be found here .


taylorfamily83316 said...

Jennie~ I truly hope that your surgery goes well! From indirect experience, when my Mom had one of her knees replaced while close by, we helped her upon returning home after a few days. We brought meals over so she wouldn't have to eat my Dad's cooking, I helped her to wash and style her hair, help motivate her to get up and moving, was a mode of sane conversation for her, and my daughter Anna, who was still a baby at the time was comic relief. I hope that when you return home you will be raring to go. The first few days, I wouldn't worry too much about getting a lot of reading done though, but after that, your kindle will come in handy when the antsiness and boredom creaps in. I wish you a speedy recovery!

Lizzie said...

Good luck! I will pray that it goes easily for you. I had my ACL replaced and was in physical therapy with a few people who had their knees replaced. I complained a lot about mine but they seemed to have a high tolerance for pain or it wasn't as painful as it sounds. :D

Stephanie Black said...

Jennie, I hope all goes smoothly with your surgery and you recover in record time!

Stephanie said...

Hope your surgery goes well. Glad there was lisa to help. Good Luck!

Carol Stratton said...

Jim is due for knee replacement in Nov and the other knee in Dec. He has gotten a lot of advice and stories from people who have had it done. Some are horror stories, but most say after the initial recovery and it pain is gone they all wish they had done it sooner. I will be praying for you and hope you soon can say "I wish I had done it sooner."