Saturday, July 28, 2012

Book Contests Coming Up in August

You may have noticed a new gadget on the sidebar of my blog.  It's an invitation to join LDS Publisher's Summer Book Trek.  It links to an explanation of the rules for the contest, which are easy.  Just sign up, post a list of the books you plan to read in August (you can add and delete all you want) read books, and report what you read.  You get extra points if you read any of the sponsors' books.  And hey!  I'm one of the sponsors.  Prizes are the books listed by the sponsors.  Go for it!

I'm considering linking to another book contest on August 18.  The Heirs of Southbridge will also be one of the possible prizes for winners of that contest.  I'll let you know more about it later.  Then in September I plan to go back to my usual Wish List contest.

The rest of this blog has nothing to do with contests and is sheer indulgance on my part. My lilies were gorgeous this year and I just want to show off some of the pictures I took of them.


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Mindi Battraw said...

Your lillies are beautiful. I didn't take pictures of mine and I should have - it was my first year growing some. I didn't think I would like them and got them only because they were free and this spot was bare in my yard, but I ended up really liking them and I will be digging them up to take with me when I move. I haven't joined the book thingy because who knows what I am ever able to get done with school going. Right now I am finishing up Kay Lynn Magnum's books, which I love. Not sure what will be next. I am such a moody reader and just want something to help me forget school for a little while! :-)