Thursday, September 1, 2011


There's a television commercial that annoys my husband so much, he turns off the sound every time it comes on--and it comes on a lot.  Most commercials annoy me, but that one not as much as some. Come to think of it, most of the programming annoys me too.

Few things irk me more than sales calls, especially ones I know are fraud schemes.  I used to try to be nice to telephone salesmen; after all they are only trying to earn a living.  Not anymore.  I've had too many calls that start out telling me they're only calling to offer some kind of help with my credit card.  The moment someone mentions credit card over the phone, you can be sure it's a scam.  I do not have diabetes.  I do not want someone to clean my carpet.  If I were interested in selling my home, I'd contact a realtor , not the other way around.  And if I want to contribute to a political party or candidate , I'll initiate the contact or do it at the caucus.  I'm not interested in attending tea party meetings.  My name is on the do not call list SO STOP CALLING ME!

I'm definitely not a fan of talk radio, though I occasionally listen to Doug Wright.  I especially dislike a certain sports talk radio program where the commentator doesn't talk, he shouts and whines. 

Clothes that are too tight, too short, or require an act of God to keep them from falling off the rump are silly and juvenile, but they don't annoy me as long as I'm not the one expected to try them on in a fitting booth.  What does annoy me is the lack of stylish, attractive clothes that are designed to fit the human body available for real people to purchase in department stores.

I really don't care what color anyone's hair but mine is.  Purple is fine if you think it's right for you.  I once dyed a thin lock of my hair neon pink.  Short, long, curly, straight; I don't care.  Now dreadlocks are something else; they look matted, greasy, and unkempt.  They look like the wearer needs a shower.  If that's your style, so be it, just don't expect me to look at you; I can't get past your gross hair.

I dislike rudeness and find it irritating that so many people, push and shove, use crude language, play obnoxious music half the night, fail to show gratitude with a simple "thank you," take chances with other people's lives on the streets and highways, or let doors swing shut in the face of the person behind them.  Words such as please, excuse me, may I, thanks, and sorry, have disappeared from some people's vocabularies.

When it comes right down to it, most annoyances (not all; afterall there are still annoyances like mosquitoes, wasps, and gophers to deal with) are human caused.  Perhaps some can't be helped, but most are the product of inconsideration and lack of respect.  I suspect we could all serve society better by being annoyed less and avoiding providing annoyances more.

There's a good chance, every person alive has a list of things that annoy them.  Some of those annoyances, like fireworks at two in the morning, make us grumpy. Some just cause us to roll our eyes, but there are some that plant the seeds of major clashes or even war.  I've been told venting is good for easing tension, so tell me, what annoys, irks, or just plain bugs you?


battraws said...

Love this post! I agree with you on almost everything, but really, especially on the clothes and the lack of manners! Both irritate the crud out of me!

Janice Sperry said...

I woke up with a kink in my neck today. That's pretty annoying. I don't like it when people yell or degrade their children in public. No one is perfect, but you don't have to tell the world about it. I also hate seeing people give whiney children what they want. Once you say no, leave it. They keep asking because the parents give in.

Janice Sperry said...
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taylorfamily83316 said...

It was like we were sitting in the same room. I feel the same way. Especially with the phone calls. When I lived in Nebraska years ago, I worked at a call center, and luckily only took incoming calls from people wanting things, so I can understnad telemarketers, but I had an instance where a caller the other day called me a liar, because I did not give in to his tactics. My thought and I have said this as well, "If you want me to buy something or give you information, you need to be nicer to me." One thing that I have also found true is the manners issue. It is like children, especially teens have either not been taught this, or have completely forgotten kindnesses. As a mother of a teen and 2 smaller children though, I guess that I am pretty lucky, my teen is nice and polite to others, and my little girls do not scream, yell and whine when I say "No." in public. But, at home is another story. Which I am sure I am not the only one. We should all try an experiment. The next time you go to a store, like the grocery store. Hold the door for another person, look them in the eye and say, "Hello!" and hope that the next person they come in contact with, they will pay it forward.