Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't forget to add your pioneer tales!

This isn't quite a blog, but just a message to let you know life has been a little crazy lately and I've had little time at the computer.  Following our trip to St. George, there's been a family reunion, today was spent watching grandchildren, and tomorrow I'll be traveling out of state to visit family.  But the July Wish List contest goes on! Every comment following the pioneer theme will count as a contest entry and each follower will get one entry.  The contest ends Sunday and I'll post the winner sometime Monday.  If you're lucky enough to have a lazy summer day, you can read If I Should Die or any of the books I've recently reviewed on Meridian.  There have been some good ones!


SSvedin said...

My dad is dad is one of my favorite pioneer's. He joined the church soon after meeting my mom They waited a year before they were married so they couldbe sealed in the temple. We have been richly blessed because of that choice. However it put distance between him and his family. It became an unwritten rule to never discuss religion. They never sht us put but it did seem like there was something between us that won't go away until the next life. Because of his choice my brother served a mission and married in the temple, he now has 2.9 kids who will be raised in the gospel. My sister was also married in the temple and will have chilcren one day who will also be raised in the gospel. I recieved my endowments and served a full time mission. My other sister is planning on be married in the temple. Becasue of one women's choice to not marry a non member and not be married outside of the temple 4 children are richly blessed to have the gospel in their life. My dad, my favorite pioneer.

Heidi said...

I love the handcart pioneers and enjoy learning about each of their lives, so for my favorite pioneer I would have to pick MaryAnn Mellor my great great great grandmother. Before leaving England to eventually join the Martin Handcart company MaryAnn gave births to twins who only lived an hour. MaryAnn was also close to death and her family was afraid they would have to leave her behind in England. Her health improved a little and she was able to be carried onto the boat and she was given a blessing where she was promised that she and all her family would make it safely to Utah and that she would have a huge posterity. Through trials and hardship she never wavered and she, her husband, and 7 children all made it to the valley safely. Their family settled a little town called Fayette and now have a huge posterity. Because of MaryAnn and the Mellor family my family and I were raised in the gospel. That's why she is my favorite pioneer.