Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SO Ready for Spring!

Monday I was excited to discover yellow crocuses blooming in my back yard.  I went out for about an hour to clear away winter debris and flower stalks that weren't trimmed well enough last Fall.  Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses were poking through the ground in all my flower beds. Today they're covered with snow, about six inches of it.

I've lived in the West all of my life, much of the time farther north than Utah, so why do I always get my hopes up that Spring has arrived when I know very well the season can't be counted on until after April Conference?

Maybe I just have Spring fever worse than usual this March because I've worked all winter on finishing an historical novel and finally submitted it Saturday evening.  This manuscript has seen several reincarnations in the past few years.  It started out as the fifth book in my Bracelet series, but when the powers-that-be decided there would only be four books in the series, it became an epic Western.  Unfortunately it became too large and unwieldy, so I broke it into two books.  In between these various forms, I wrote a murder mystery If I Should Die, which hasn't been released yet.  Any way the completion and submission of the first of these two books (which really isn't a Western anymore) seems like a time of new beginnings, a time to think of something else, in other words Spring.  Of course my Spring fever may be due to this past winter being particularly long, cold, and filled with snow.


Scotty & Emily said...

Brrrr! Six inches of snow!! We're into springtime, with blossoms on trees, daffodils, and even some tulips (the early ones usually grow over septic tanks!). I guess your spring fever solution is to have a springtime home in Atlanta? :) You'll definitely want to go back to Salt Lake for summer, though!!

I love it when you write about the books you're writing... especially with how they morph!

Mindi said...

I miss all the bulbs I left at my old house. I may have to go and dig them up now while I can find them!

Papa said...

I'm ready for spring too!