Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Wish List Winners

I picked two winners to receive a book each from their wish lists.  Jen Plus 5 was drawn from those who made comments on my January blogs and Stephanie, one of Notes From Jennie's Desk followers was drawn for comments plus followers.  Please claim your prizes by sending me a list of at least five books from your wish list and your mailing address to bhansen22 at msn dot com.  Please include the words "Wish List" in your subject line so your email doesn't get lost in my overly zealous junk mail folder.

The February contest starts now.  Some of the topics I will be blogging about this month will be US Presidents, Valentines Day and favorite love stories and books, Whitney finalists, and who knows what else.  So tell me your thoughts along these lines or anything book related that might be on your mind.

I've made a little headway on my "to read" stack and only have four books left--however February releases will begin showing up anyday.  The books I  have left are:

The Up Side of Down by Rebecca Talley
All that was Promised by Vickie Hall
Whos's At The Door by Dan Harrington
Dearly Departed by Tristi Pinkston

Thanks to all who commented in January.  Your comments were great.


Kelsi Rose said...

I just thought of a question. I know fantasy is not your cup of tea, and I don't know if you are on the Whitney judging board or not, but if you are planning on voting for novel of the year, how do you get through a book that isn't something you normally read without letting your preconceived notions about the genre reflect your review.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

February is such a wonderful month.