Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm inviting you to go to Meridian Magazine and read my column there. Instead of my usual review of an LDS novel I've talked about the condition of today's LDS Fiction and where I think LDS fiction is headed in the future. I talked to quite a few people, mostly authors and editors, before writing this column. As a writer and a reviewer I can't help wondering where readers (and others) see LDS fiction in today's market place, in your homes, and in your lives. What do you think is good about LDS fiction? What would make it better? and Where do you think LDS fiction will be two years or five years down the road? Please respond on Meridian's comment trail, or here. (By the way, everyone who responds with thoughtful comments at either of these locations, will be entered in the ongoing Wish List contest on my blog.)

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KarenG said...

Well Jennie, I'll comment here before even going to your column, because I've thought of this a lot myself. Then I'll go read your column. But I see LDS fiction disappearing as LDS writers become more mainstream, read more mainstream work, and get acclaim outside the limited LDS market. It's already happened for so many of them, and they are blazing the trail. Plus we are seeing the indie LDS bookstores struggling and closing their doors. Even DB have cut back on some outlets. I see it as a trend of the future. Authors and publishers will go where the market is.