Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I already feel lousy so I might as well do my taxes today. I meant to get them done over the weekend, but along came a really awful cold and I've spent the past four and a half days sneezing, coughing, going through boxes of tissues, and sleeping on the recliner instead of in bed so I can breathe. I finished reading a couple of books; the one I had to read on my computer was a real challenge because having a cold makes watching a screen really difficult. I did a little writing, about 600 words, which I'll probably have to delete when I read through that portion of my WIP again. Somehow I found more time to write when my children were little and living at home than I do now.

Actually I felt semi-human yesterday morning so I hurried to the Post Ofice to mail the book I should have sent off a week ago to the winner of the last contest and stopped at the grocery store. My favorite grocery store has closed so I'm trying different stores to see which one will get my future business. It's beginning to look like I'm going to have to shop at two stores now, one for meat and produce, and the other for the other stuff. Fortunately my husband went along or I would have given up and gone home. It is nice to have my fridge and cupboards full again. Well, it's really the first time my fridge has been full since I just got it, and though there's more cubic feet than in my old one, there's a lot of space wasted with a silly water and ice dispenser, making it hard to find room for everything.

Okay, it seems I'm doing a lot of rambling, but I really do have a point. I really want to get my taxes done, but something always comes up that seems more important at the moment. Getting my taxes ready to submit always involves sorting through mounds of paper that might be important, shredding, taking notes, parting with more cash than I think I can spare, and vowing to do better next year. It's kind of like writing, something I really want to do, but there are so many things that get in the way. I can't write until the dishes are done, the bed made, laundry done or at least sorted and the first load in the washer, e-mail checked and answered, a quick glance at Meridian and a few favorite blogs, a peek at Face book . . . Every once in a while I need to remind myself to just do it. No excuses. The funny thing is, once I get started it's hard to stop, writing that is. I'm happy to stop working on my taxes.


Kimberly Job said...

Colds are the worst--well, besides taxes. Hope you feel better soon.

M. Gray said...

It's feast or famine with me. I write and write and write or I read and read or read. It just depends if I have an idea that keeps me up at night or if I want to learn from the masters.

Laurie LC Lewis said...

Sometimes I wish I actually had a writing office that I went to--a place that I had to be at a certain hour, regardless if the dishes and laundry are done. Until then, I'm with you, torn between domestic happiness and a successful day at the computer.