Friday, January 1, 2010


Ann Moony is the winner of the audio version of High Country or a book of her choice from last year's offerings. Ann please contact me at bhansen22 at msn dot com by Tuesday Jan. 5 to give me your mailing address and to let me know which prize you have selected.

The new contest begins today. Leave a comment at the end of this blog and/or sign up as a follower to be eligible for a drawing to win a free book. Each time you comment on one of my blogs between now and January 15 you will receive another chance to win. Any book I reviewed on Meridian last year, and some from previous years, can be your prize (unless already claimed by a previous winner).

Newspapers, magazines, and television channels are full of year end wrap-ups of the best and worst of 2009, so I propose we do the same for LDS fiction. If anyone wants to do a top and bottom ten, okay, but I'm only going to ask for a top three best. I hope everyone got their Whitney nominations in, if not you're too late. Anyway I think it's safe now to ask which three novels by LDS authors published in 2009 did you enjoy most? I'm also going to ask which LDS novel is your all-time favorite? I seldom agree with anyone else's top ten best or worst dressed, movies, news stories, books, photoes, etc. and I don't expect we'll all agree on the three best LDS novels, but it should be fun to recap which novels left a lasting impact on someone.

And speaking of favorites, this is my favorite photoes taken this Christmas. The little angel is my eight-year-old granddaughter and Mary is my nine-year-old granddaughter.


Robin said...

I have been an avid reader. It's my hobby and my way to relax. I'm dissapointed that my reading time is now spent with a fullfilling calling. If I had to choose the three best books of the year I would have a hard time. So I decided to choose three mememorable books, ones I would definitely read again.
1. Saving Madeline_Rachel Ann Nunes
2. The Light Above -Jean Holbrook Mathews
3 Breaking Poing

Lexie said...

I just finished reading "Shudder" and loved it! Are you going to write a sequel about Clare? I would love to know what happens to her

Jennie said...

Robin, I agree with you. The first two you mentioned are great books, but I haven't read the third.
Lexie, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed "Shudder." And I'm sorry, but I really don't plan to write a sequel. Abuse seldom has a happy ending and I'm just not into sequels right now. The "Clare" in my own life is a story I won't know the ending of on this side of the veil, so it would be terribly difficult for me to write a sequel about the Clare in Shudder. I hope this makes some kind of sense to you, but I felt as I wrote this book that it had to end the way it does.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

The all have something excited and all include the different types of books that I really enjoy and the books I would pick to read again.
2.Princess of the Midnight Ball

Jolynn_Reads said...

I like to read alot. However I don't spend as much time reading as I would like too. So my stack of books to read gets taller and taller.
I haven't read one of your recent books you wrote, or it would probably be on my favorite list. I would really like to read Shudder.
1. Deadly Treasure- Jillayne Clements
2. Altared Plans- Rebecca Talley

All time fav is Journey Of The Promise-JoAnn Arnold.

Tristi said...

Hmmm ... tough call. I think I'd like to mention Right Click - it was LDS fiction but it was different from the normal formulas we tend to see.

Jolynn_Reads said...

I commented on your Dec. 15th post.
Jolynn_Reads@yahoo .com