Saturday, November 21, 2009

Two Contests at Once

There's a contest currently running on this blog to win a book (winner's choice) that I reviewed on Meridian sometime during the past couple of years, but today I am starting another contest to run concurrently with that contest. The prize for the new contest will be a copy of Stolen Christmas, a collection of short stories written for LDS Publisher's Christmas writing contest. The stories are all original and range from touching to humorous. Some of the authors are well-known and some have never before been published.

Here's the backliner blurb:

By LDS Publisher, Roger Bonner, Don Carey, Laura Craner, Joyce DiPastena, Sara M. Eden, L.T. Elliot, Gussie Fick, Melanie Goldmund, M. Gray, Taegyn Hutchinson, Angie Lofthouse, Lori Nawyn, Tristi Pinkston, Brian C. Ricks, Sandra Sorenson, Janice Sperry, Christine Thackeray

What happens when you're so poor you have to steal your Christmas presents? Have you ever taken a punch in the face as your Christmas gift to the girl you love? Or saved Christmas while hunting were-weevils?

These award-winning Christmas stories are the best of the best from the LDS Publishers Story Contests. From Christmases past, to present, to future; from sweet and inspirational, and delightful - there's a story for everyone in this eclectic collection.

Why am I sponsoring this contest/give away? I didn't write any of the stories, I never read any of them before they appeared on LDS Publisher, but you see, some of the writers are friends. And most importantly one of the writers is my youngest daughter. I won't tell you which one.

The book isn't available through the usual bookstores, but is available through or through LDS Publisher, though I suppose most bookstores will order the book for you if you prefer to go through your local book dealer.

Here's how the contest works: Make a comment on this blog concerning Stolen Christmas, a Christmas observation or memory, or congratulate the authors of this book (ten words or more). On November 30th I'll draw a name from all of those who submitted comments and announce the winner. Only those who make comments will be eligible for this prize.

Everyone who enters this contest will be entered in my regular contest as well. Those eligible for the regular contest will be all those who comment on any of my blogs between Nov. 15 and 30th, everyone who signs up as a follower to this blog, and all of those who enter to win Stolen Christmas. Multiple entries are not only okay, but encouraged.


Daron D. Fraley said...


I would like to offer congratulations to all of the authors of Stolen Christmas. There are some very talented folks there. I know more than a few of them. And... I also know the name of the youngest daughter you mention, because she is in my writer's group. :)

Brenda said...

Not only do I love Christmas time I love to read great Christmas stories. I love to share them with my family, it helps bring the Christmas spirit to everyone.

Stephanie Black said...

Oooh, me, me! I want to enter the contest!

I have a little stack of Christmas books that I keep with my Christmas decorations and bring out each year. I'd love to add this book to the stack! Congrats to all the authors!

Lynn Gardner said...

I love Christmas stories. They probably touch me more than any other type, but then, I'm a push-over for anything to do with Christmas. It is absolutely my favorite holiday and time of year. I spend hours decorating my tree, my house, putting out my nearly 100 Nativity sets and baking up a storm to deliver goodies to my neighbors and friends. Can't wait to get my hands on this book with its delightful Christmas stories (you said they were and I'll definitely take your word for it!.)re

Kerry Blair said...

I want to leave a comment congratulating the authors, but you don't have to enter me in the contest. It sounded so great from the description, plus several of those authors -- including one to whom you are related -- are some of my favorite people. I couldn't resist. I ran (well, hobbled) for my wallet and ordered three copies. (Christmas is a time for sharing, right?) As always, thanks for bringing another good read to my attention!

Cheri J. Crane said...

I'll be buying copies of this book as well. Not only does it contain a wonderful story by your talented daughter, but another new author, Gussie Fick, is a friend of mine, and a member of my ward here in Bennington. I can't wait to read it!

Michele Ashman Bell said...

I am so excited about this book. Nothing brings the spirit of Christmas like good music and a Christmas story.
Congratulations to your daughter for being included in this wonderful collection of stories from some beloved authors.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

I think it is amazing the those authors got published in that book. It seems like a difficult thing to get a short story published.

Rebecca Talley said...

Congratulations to all the authors, some of whom I know. I think this is a great idea by LDS Publisher. I'll be teaching a class on writing short stories at the LDStorymakers conference and can use this book as an example of ways to get short stories published.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and I'm always on the lookout for new stories to use in our family tradition of reading a Christmas story every night Dec 1-24.

Thanks for this contest.

Jolynn_Reads said...

I'm a new follower.
I think stolen Christmas would be a wondeful Christmas gift for my MOm.
I love the LDS authors and have heard and read most of them.

Jolynn_Reads said...

I would love the book Shudder, it looks like a exciting and suspenceful book.